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Categories > Electricals > Steam Irons > Questions
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There are 148 questions in this category,
Steam Irons.

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Fix Steam Irons

can i replace an EU 2pin plug with a 3pin plug?
I want to buy a De Longi steam generator iron but it has an EU 2pin pl...

Janet Newton | United Kingdom | August 2015

why wont the switch come on on my hinari generator iron?
My hinari generator iron wont switch on...

grace | United Kingdom | August 2015

steam reday light?
steam ready light does not come on my ressell hob steam clid iron...

terry | United Kingdom | August 2015

How can I stop a continual steam flow on my Russell Hobbs Sm?
I bought a Russell Hobbs Smartglide last November and cannot stop the ...

Carl | United Kingdom

How do i open the casing of my Philips silent steam iron?
I need to change the power cord but can't work out how to open the cas...

Jess | United Kingdom

morphy richards iron keeps bleeping continously?
Why is my iron bleeping co tinously...

calum | United Kingdom

model no. 19221?
How do I open the back to replace the cable please?...

pmacess | United Kingdom

Faulty Cable Connectors?
There has been reports of the some Steamglide irons shorting at the ir...

Walt.Newman. | United States

lve got a morphy richards power elite steam generator it won?
When I press the button to switch it on before I take my finger off it...

Vee | Great Britain (UK)

Hinari steam generator iron?
My iron has lost all power I've checked the fuse it's ok...

Amanda | United States

Lights flashing on?
Russell hobbs steam iron 20580 all lights Flashing how do I stop it...

Ann | Great Britain (UK)

bosch steam generator hot plate not working?
my Bosch b45l steam generator hot plate as stopped working...

Jack | Bosnia and Herzegovina

no steam on hinari steam generator iron hin 172?
I have filled water tank on my hinari steam generator iron hin172 swit...

stepheep | Great Britain (UK)

tefal express repair?
the iron continuously steams when sitting on it's heel but the trigger...

bernie | Great Britain (UK)

How to replace flex on Russell Hobbs Steamglide Iron 18651?
having released the two torx screws at the back, nothing seems to move...

Ken Palk | Great Britain (UK)

Why does my laurastar steamax g2 steam generator iron keep b?
My laurastar steam generator iron keeps beeping which it should only d...

Dorothy skipp | Great Britain (UK)

the blue light won't go out?
Just bought Morphy Richards steam iron, but the blue light (refil wate...

Ali | United States

no light up on iron?
Hinari steam generator [ hin 172 ] base stand by indicator flashing ...

valerie... ashington | United States

how can i fix my bosch sensixx B25L iron?
When switched on the iron heats up but there is no steam also dont hea...

william | Great Britain (UK)

leaking from base of unit?
My Tefal G7255 generator irohe bottom of the n has started leaking fro...

Debbie | United States

brass screw stuck?
How can I get the brass screw on the bottom of my Morphy Richards stea...

drinking wally 1 | Great Britain (UK)

no steam on iron?
I have a hinari hin172 steam generator iron, I have replaced the cart...

Shelina Ahmed | United States

No steam from Hoover iron speed?
Why does steam no longer come out of the iron I can hear a solenoid cl...

Tommy | Great Britain (UK)

My iron heating but no steam and standby button flashing?
Morphy Richards Elite heating but no steam and standby button keeps fl...

Bridie | Ireland

no steam from the iron?
I have a Morphy Richards Jet Steam Elite Pro model:42298 the refill fl...

Liam Nolan | Ireland

how can i fix my polti steam iron ?
when i use the steam function on my polti steam iron the steam is dirt...

jim | Great Britain (UK)

Russell Hobbs steam iron stopped workinf?
I was very impressed with my steam Iron but it stopped making steam in...

Kulvinder Bola | United States

the switch for the steam only stays on if i hold it down?
the steam button wont stay on unless you hold it down...

kay watson | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my tefal ultraglide diffusion light?
the red light is always on and it's leaking water...

confused | Canada

I have a breville technique digital steam iron 3000 watt,?
I switched it on today and the lights to select temperature keep flash...

Anna | Germany

I have a breville technique steam iron 300 watt?
I switched on my iron today and it won't heat up the digital lights ke...

Miss Anna gordon | Germany

My Hinari HIN001 iron is stuck on standby how do i fix it?
My Hinari HIN001 iron is stuck on standby and wont steam how do i fix ...

chris | Great Britain (UK)

How can I fix my steam generator iron?
professional k123 sgr used to make a loud noise now no noise or steam...

Mrs xcrean | Great Britain (UK)

How can I fix my Kenwood Steam Generator Iron G-1125ST-E?
The base unit keeps switching itself off. The Filter light is constant...

Ash | Great Britain (UK)

Steam Generator Iron not producing steam?
Morphy Richards steam generator Iron, it wont produce steam? Heats up...

Sue | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my iron?
hi theres no steam comming out of the iron when i press the switch on ...

victoria gibbs | Great Britain (UK)

My delonghi stam generator iron won't steam?
My delonghi steam generator iron won't steam...

Carole | Great Britain (UK)

broken control button?
i have a heat control button that is broken . can i get a new one...


How do i get my Kenwood steam iron to stop steaming?
My Kenwood IC200 steam iron doesn't stop steaming when I turn off the ...

Valerie Gough | Great Britain (UK)

where can i find a spare steam button for my iron?
my steam iron trigger button on the iron has snapped. its a simple par...

acer | Great Britain (UK)

Hinari steam iron hin172?
Steam is coming out of bottom of unit and not the iron...

Ray Bennett | Great Britain (UK)

Light is on, but not heating up?
The light is on an d the dial is fully round to the hottest setting, b...

Dawn | Great Britain (UK)

My hinari stean generator iron stays on standby!?
My hinari steam generator iron stays on standby, and i cant use it at ...

Kev harrison | United States

tefal steam generator replacement cord?
How can I replace the easycoard?...

Majeed | Canada

Morphy Richards+Steam iron?
I am mechanical engineer. The iron is not working. May be thermostate ...

Gary Saunders | United States

Morphy richards steam iron Model Glide to fix it?
How to dismantle the iron and fix it. Make is Morphy Richards steam ir...

Gary Saunders | United States

My steam generator is on standby .?
My steam genertor is on standby,how can I put it off...

A m | Great Britain (UK)

what is wrong with my domotec digital steam press?
when i turn it on it the light only goes to the burst of steam button ...

moira sherlock | Canada

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