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how can i open my bonnet on rover 75?

my bonnet cable is broken how can i open my bonnet without damaging my car

ken of wales | Great Britain (UK) | October 2009

its a pain. you need cut out the grill ( can be found on ebay quite cheap) rimmer brothers do the cables and catch way cheaper than the main dealer. you need to cut out the slats in the grill and get to the two bonnet catches with a hammer and long screw driver

1 mechanic | Great Britain (UK) | October 2009

You dont need to cut the grill !
remove wheel & wheel arch liner pop your hand inside engine bay & feel around for the bonnet release cable junction box near the washer bottle neck pull it free and use pliers to pull the cables job done

noz | Great Britain (UK) | December 2009

You don't need to cut anything or remove the wheel or wheel arch liner. Turn the steering as far to the left as you can and reach inside the small inspection hatch at the top of the wheel arch liner. Use a torch so you can see what you're doing. You can push the neck of the washer bottle up and off to give yourself more room. Unclip the cable junction box from the inner wing and pull it through the small hatch. Tug on the shuttle inside the junction box (plastic thing that the three cable ends go into) to pull the two cables to the latches. You shouldn't need pliers. One latch will probably pop open first then the other.

John | Great Britain (UK) | July 2010

Huge thanks to noz and John - managed to get to the release cables and opened the bonnet.
But John is right - using inspection/bulb replacement hatch is enough to disassemble mechanism and pull the cables out - no need to take off wheel arch liner.
But be prepared for the washing fluid reservoir neck to be stubborn and awkward to release.
The whole thing is not easy though, so have a look under other Rover 75 bonnet before doing this - it will make things a lot clearer. Depending on other vehicle being available, of course.

Laurence | Great Britain (UK) | January 2011

My cooling fan runs at one speed so that the engine not cooling efficient ly

bernadette | Trinidad and Tobago | October 2014

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how can i open my bonnet on rover 75?

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