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citroen dispatch van?

lights wipers and alsorts of clicking and dash is lighting up thought it might need a new battery so put one on still same checked earths and fuse board all ok still got same proplem an display is showing eco mode what next

stuart | Great Britain (UK) | November 2009

disconnect the battery for 30 mins, this resets the relays .
the clicking is the relays you can hear , push them all home before reconnecting the battery.
if this dont work you need to replace the noisey ones .

dave | Great Britain (UK) | December 2009

Hi. Just bought a Citroen Dispatch 2.0 HDI. When turning on lights, only half the dash lights up. How do i get behind the dash to replace bulbs. Many thanks, Ralphy.

Ralphy | Great Britain (UK) | March 2010

Hi Ralph,
You'll find a seies of concealed screws around the inside of the speedo facia area, they need to come out, then there is a trcky little beggar on the underside of the column which you have to remove. once out, you will have to remove te perspex view panel.
hope this helps

donethisbefore | Great Britain (UK) | April 2010

Temperature gauge reading really high over 90c and car very sluggish to accelerate.

Debbie | Great Britain (UK) | June 2010

Hi Ralph, re dash lights the guydonethisbeffore is a point I know I've just done it! whatever you do DO NOT remove the perspex binical cover. withdraw the whole unit gently so as not to diconect any multy plugs and turn the whole thing over, you will see all of the bulbs (some may be missing as not all used) in the corresponding position to the relavent warning light. Twist anti clockwise until you feel in give and withdraw from holder some may need longnose pliers to grip. replacement is a reversal of these instructions. PS have you any idea what the correct bulb no is for these as nobody around here seems to know!
good luck

Jellybaby | Great Britain (UK) | August 2010

hi i seem o have no electrical power to my citroen dispatch 07 1600cc deisel although the battery seems charged

lance phillips | Great Britain (UK) | June 2012

Hi Stuart, did you get a resolution to this fault?
We have a '09 Dispatch that is pulsing the headlights, wipers and relays when the key is off. oddly, switching on the park/tail lights makes the fault go away...

mudwiggle | Australia | December 2012

Heater on my 08 dispatch van will only work on full blow there is 4 setting it only work on 4 any Ida

Chris | Ireland | October 2015

Air bag is on all the time. Need it sorted for MOT. Open.circuit. P1863 of the please?

Arthur. Bowden. | United Kingdom | March 2017

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citroen dispatch van?

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