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how can i stop my rear window wiper toyota avensis?

my rear window wiper on my toyota avensis stays fully on even when the switch is on off or intermittent

christine stirling | Great Britain (UK) | January 2010

I had this problem late November. It was the stalk that was the problem (It appeared!!). I solved it by twisting the rear wiper control slightly farther than it usually goes Then back again hard. After about 30 times of doing this, it came ok & has not caused me any problems since. I also used a safety solvent (Gun foam cleaner) on the stalk as well, but don't know if that helped & or solved it. I think it was either moisture or dust in the mechanism.

chris woolley | Great Britain (UK) | January 2010

There seems to be a fairly common problem with the Avensis rear wiper on the hatchback model. The problem seems to be with the contact disk and brush setup within the motor gearbox unit.

1. First, remove the wiper arm by pulling the little cover and undoing the nut that secures it on the spline. (A little persuasion required).

2.Remove Boot trim

3.You will then see the wiper motor and retaining pins. There will also be the connection plug. These will need to be removed and the motor unit will then pull from the boot lid for easier working. (It will be fairly tight where the drive shaft goes through the lid and a rubber grommet.
I found it easier to undo the 3 bolts on the wiper unit before removing the electrical connector to get better access to the connector and to have a small screwdriver to help ease off the clips on the side of the connector.

Fit replacement motor or refurbish as follows

4. Remove silver cover with loads of Torx screws.Then the arm can be pulled out. This just connects the main drive wheel to the main shaft &can be completely removed if you wish.( Pic2)

5. The pink coloured main drive disk can be removed then. On the underside you will see that there are copper contact disks with brush wipers mounted in the casing. (Pic.5) These determine where the motor (and arm) will stop. It also provides a supply during intermittent wiping until the wiper reaches the stopping position. These need to be cleaned with wire wool or a light grade of sand paper. Leaving a fairly rough surface will help the contacts bed in again.
6. Then blow out any dust and replace the contact disk. (It doesn't matter if it's not rotated into the same position that it came out).
7. Replace the arm making sure it is kinked the same way as before to ensure the arm wipes downward instead of upward. Re-distribute the grease around the geared areas and replace the cover.

Electrically reconnect

8. Before the arm can be refitted,the motor will need to be re-parked. Turn on the ignition and operate the wiper motor to check the operation. It helps to put it into intermittent mode enabling you to watch it at the rear. Then turn it off and allow the motor to stop in the correct position. When it is parked the ignition can then be turned off.

Finally re-attatch the wiper arm and enjoy happy wiping!

Shambles | Great Britain (UK) | March 2010

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how can i stop my rear window wiper toyota avensis?

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