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Categories > Appliances > Tumble Dryers > Questions
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There are 729 questions in this category,
Tumble Dryers.

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Fix Tumble Dryers

is60 indesit dryer over heats then stops once cooled down it?
started to dry clothes but dryer got hot then stopped when it cooled d...

angela | Great Britain (UK)

drum not turning?
My Hoover Vision HD tumble dryer does not turn the drum at start up bu...

jimmy | Great Britain (UK)

leaking condenser dryer?
my tumble dryer is leaking water from the bottom, we have recently cha...

mrs c knight | Great Britain (UK)

creda tvr2 door catch diagram?
the catch on tumble came loose,need to know how the spring n catch go ...

dai | Great Britain (UK)

dry keeps blowing all lights when set on?
my neff condencer dryer keeps blowing all lights when set on...

yvonne | Great Britain (UK)

There is no heat coming from my dryer?
My dryer is doing everything else except for producing heat, I can't a...

Theresa | Great Britain (UK)

my zanussi tumble dyer drum is not turning?
how to repair the drum to make it turn again...

Tricia | Great Britain (UK)

when I close the door it does not work?
I have a hotpoint aquarius tumble dryer, it is getting on but was work...

John | Great Britain (UK)

how to fix my candy condenser tumble dryer doc218?
my condenser tumble dryers not drying the clothes, takes all day not h...

brenda, | Great Britain (UK)

Creda T620cw?
The drum goes round but I have no heat so the clothes aren't getting d...

Michelle | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my beko tumble dryer. It heats up but wont spi?
Its a beko 8k condensor dryer...

lucy | Great Britain (UK)

Hotpoint Acquarius TDC30P?
Filter light on but machine does not start What is the fault and how ...

Tom | Great Britain (UK)

wiring for the timer unit hotpoint tdc30?
I have foolishly taken the wires off the unit only to find it was the ...

james | Great Britain (UK)

fix condenser dryer zanussi TCE7276W?
hi got a Zanussi condensor tumble dryer TCE7276W- had a coin wedged in...

russell diamond | Great Britain (UK)

smeg dry72bk tumble dryer?
power is on was working seems to overheat have tried reset red button ...

gary | Great Britain (UK)

Defy autodry 45 drum belt asembly?
I took my defy autodry 45 apart to give it a good clean. The drum is ...

Hein | South Africa

how can i fix my aquarius ctd00?
my hotpoint aquarius ctd00 tumble dryer has no heat when drying. washi...

ian | Great Britain (UK)

Hotpoint Aqualtis AQCF 952 BU, No Heat`?
Hi, Hope someone can help. We ahve the above tumble dryer. All of a s...

Nuttywoman | Great Britain (UK)

Hotpoint vtd00 control panel?
Does anyone know which terminals take which wires from the hotpoint vt...

Brian | Great Britain (UK)

Creda TVR2 tumble dryer not heating up?
Having noticed that out Creda TVR2 tumble dryer was not drying anythin...

Paul | Great Britain (UK)

the programe light keeps flashing on my hoover vision hd dry?
hoover vision hd dryer flashing number not starting...

amanda | Great Britain (UK)

candy 8kg vented dryer?
the lights are all coming on and flashing after about 20 seconds after...

Dave Kirk | Great Britain (UK)

my tumble turns its self off after a few seconds?
my hotpoint TCL770 tumble condenser stops after a few seconds of turni...

kelly wilson | Great Britain (UK)

How do i fit a belt on to a Beko drvs62s tumble dryer?
I would like to know the correct way how to fit a belt on a Beko DRVS6...

Martina mc Cabe | Ireland

Bosch Tumble drier making scorch marks?
I have a Bosch WTA 3000 tumble drier that is making scorch marks on th...

Debbie | Great Britain (UK)

drum not going round indesit is60v?
the bearing went in my dryer this cause the drum to drop and snap the ...

julie | Great Britain (UK)

bosch wta tumble dryer blowing cold?
any ideas about how to fix my bosch tumble dryer which is blowing cold...

Tracey | Great Britain (UK)

My Indesit IS70CS blowing cold air?
My Indesit IS70CS was working fine the I emptied the water container b...

Claudia | Great Britain (UK)

Keeps cutting out?
White Knight tumble dryer...

Steve | Great Britain (UK)

how to fix creda dryer t522vw?
appliance is making strange sound when in use.It is then causing the e...

peter | Great Britain (UK)

hotpoint aquarius tumble dryer TDL52?
my hotpoint aquarius tumble dryer TDL52 wont start when i close door ?...

s bell | Great Britain (UK)

my bosch exxcel condenser drier seems to have lost power?
When I switch on programme there seems to be no pwer. I have checked p...

Joan Miller | United States

candy grand sensor tumble dryer?
keeps stopping after a few minutes and all red lights come on...

lesley | Great Britain (UK)

why is my active empty water light on when I have emptied my?
My active empty water light is red. I have emptied the water and it is...

Verity | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my[Hotpoint Aquarius Tumbledryer TD32]?
the warmair heater is not working, it's only coldair that is working! ...

Tez | Canada

how to replace jockey wheel on hotpoint cdt00p?
i need to replace the jockey wheel on my hotpoint tumble dryer cdt00p....

harry | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my creda tvr2?
my creda dryers drum is going round and the air is being blown through...

karen | Great Britain (UK)

tumble dryer?
How do we replace the doorcatcher product code - 063031 on our defy tu...

chantelle cummings | France

how do i replace the drum belt on a creda simplicity tvr2?
how do i fit the new belt to the drum and motor and how do i tighten t...

john jordan | Cyprus

No heat on one section of the tumble dryer?
I have a Bosch Exxcel Tumble dryer. On the Cottons section no heat co...

Allison | Great Britain (UK)

fix my tumble dryer?
my whirlpool tumblr dryer model aw 27813 will not start...

phil | Great Britain (UK)

Hotpoint Ultima Tumble - Drying light keeps going off.?
When my tumble dryer is on, the Drying light will intermittently go ou...

Amy | Great Britain (UK)

AEG T37400 reverse action tumble drier?
Drum rotates in one direction, then stops (which is usual for a revers...

Jules | Great Britain (UK)

Siemens Condenser dryer gets hot but doesn't dry?
Siemens Novotronic T230C Condenser dryer gets very hot and spins but t...

Paul Bras | Great Britain (UK)

How can I fix my Hotpoint aquarius CDT00?
My hotpoint aquarius CDT00 won't dry clothes and the red empty water l...

Will | Great Britain (UK)

timer switch is not working?
timer switch on my hotpoint aquairius dryer is sticking...

tommy oxley | Great Britain (UK)

hotpoint TDC30 not getting hot?
hotpoint tdc30 condensor dryer rotates but never gets hot...

spad | Europe

indisit spindryer water coming out front problem?
the water is coming out front of machine and not going into tank the m...

pat lawler | Great Britain (UK)

Tumble Dryer repair?
Hoover Nextra dryer heating up but drum not turning...

J A Allen | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my beko dryers, the drum has stopped turning?
beko tumble dryer stopped spinning. Open top, found belt coiled up, h...

margaret power | Ireland

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