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Categories > Appliances > Hobs/Ovens/Stoves > Questions
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Fix Hobs/Ovens/Stoves

what does err 51 82 mean stoves oven?
my stoves oven 900 SSE model when turning on top or bottom oven flashe...

Clive 1 | January 2020

How can I test pans for an Induction Hob?
Is it safe to test that pans are compatible with an Induction Hob by u...


Top oven & grill not working?
I have a Servis DC-60B cooker. The top oven & grill only work intermit...


cda extractor flashing A?
my cda extractor keeps flashing A even though it is still working...


Flavel Aspen 100?
Hi. Fan oven and grill on Flavel Aspen 100 not working. Clock still o...


fan oven neff biult in?
i have a new neff foldawy door oven when i turn it on the fan makes a ...


creda error code E05?
what does error code E05 mean on my creda cooker...


full question below?
my aeg gas hob sparks all the time not just at the time when the gas i...


bread maker 48220 pops RCD?
my morphy richards breadmaker 48220 pops my RCD but not MCB on my con...


fan oven not heating up?
my fan oven isn't heating up. I checked previous posts and decided to ...


Diplomat Elite ABA1140 ignition fault?
Hi Having read various articles, it would appear my Spark Generator is...


Why is my oven tripping out?
Changed the element on my creda aspire cooker in the fan oven.This tri...


smeg oven sf585xls err6?
someone else asked about err9 but got no reply I have err6 wondering...

ed adder

ignition clicking on all the time?
The electric ignition on my gas hob is clicking all the time...


No heat in bottom oven - fan working?
I have Electrolux double fan oven and the bottom oven is not heating u...


smeg oven sf585xls?
it shows err9 on my smeg oven what does it mean...


hotpoint ew74 slotin top oven?
the top oven wont work the grill works but not the oven...


oven fan keeps coming on?
when I use the hob my oven fan comes on the model is a Stoves built u...

m a kearney

F5 error on belling induction hob?
F5 error is showing on my belling induction hob. How can this be fixed...


How to fix bdgv697kp oven?
Main oven starts fine stays on but will not go any higher...


hygena app2440 fan repair?
Fitted a new pcb on hygena fan all solder made correctly buto only got...

m wright electrical

Belling gas cooker G722 - ignition wont work?
Have replaced 3amp fuse in plug but this has made no difference....


Trace owner of an EW74G?
How can I trace the owner/purchaser of the above cooker Serial No.8082...

Keith Roberts

aeg induction hob?
if i place a pot on the 2 right hand plates of the hob and switch it o...


baumatic double oven doesn't work?
when the large bottom oven is turned on the indicator light & oven doe...


wiring to controlswitch on oven?
hi I thought my oven fanelement was faulty and also checked wiring on...

ninja 500 gpz dave

iI need to replace my mocca 1.5 ambassador DLY fitted cooker?
It is 20 years old - Where do I get the same size and dual fuel cooker...

margaret taylor

how to remove hob on Stoves DF1100a?
Non fan oven needs thermostat replacement this seems to require the re...

My oven fan doesn't always come on?
My oven fan doesn't always come on however if I isolate it from mains ...


smeg do81css oven?
lower oven has no heat and stat not lighting...


hob ring stays hot?
Tricity bendix hob ring stays on full heatl...


Oven wil not come on.?
My oven lights do not come on when I turn the nobs on. Its a logik mod...

Susan Whiting

europa solarplus?
Key showing in time display oven will not come on...


How can I fix my error 22?
On my hoover electric hob its saying error 22 could you please tell me...

Neil Dey

How to fix Hotpoint EG74X?
The timer display is blank and grill oven and ignition not working eve...

Dave c

How do you stop the steam from the fan oven burning the wall?
Creda cooker model edcs51 When using the fan oven steam from the back ...


faulty clock/timer how to fix ?
The clock/timer on my zanussi ZKG5540XPN has a faulty clock/timer ,i c...

Tim Cresswell

my grill keeps cutting out on my beko stove?
My new beko stove was converted to lpg and now the grill cuts out agte...

Mr Graham Stephens

zanussi induction cooker?
error code e9 on my hob. Zanussi zc168000b a...


fault e91 is flashing?
how can i fix my ariston oven fz1001p11x the e91 errer is flashing and...

dennis craker

my display does not work on my canon kendal cooker?
the display does not work on my electric canon Kendal cooker...


no timer display on my EW74?
can you advise if there is an internal fuse if the Display/Timer is no...


ew74 timer not working?
can anyone tell me oif there is an internal fuse that control the disp...


fan not working?
I have changed the fan because it was getting very hot and running slo...


gril problem on jackson topline cooker?
my grill elemnt is triping lcd but i got new element but it still trip...


Change fuse on cooker hood?
Where is the fuse located on a Vectaire cooker hood model K...

George Mars

Stoves Induction Hob 700 CTI cuts out?
My Stoves Induction Hob 700 CTI cuts out when using more that one plat...


How to stop condensation from ovens on Leisure Roma 100 RM10?
I have a Leisure Roma 100 RM10FRS and I have constantly had puddles of...


How can i fix my EFa built in double oven & grill?
The alarm on my built in oven wont stopping beeping I also think there...

Moira Spence

Probe temperature won't go up?
Probe temperature won't increase....


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