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Categories > Appliances > Hobs/Ovens/Stoves > Questions
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There are 587 questions in this category,

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Fix Hobs/Ovens/Stoves

vectaire gamma cooker hood (servis)?
when i put the lights on it went bang the fan still works....

Superwhitearmy | Great Britain (UK)

Oven won't turn off.?
I have a1998(ish) 'Stoves Newhome 800 DF DOm double oven' I used it o...

Duno | Great Britain (UK)

Illumination light?
The illumination light highlighting the tempaturehas gone out ,cant f...

Graham | Great Britain (UK)

Oven not working on Creda Aspire cooker?
When I turn on the fan oven, fan starts, light comes on, little light ...

Conrad | Great Britain (UK)

New World TGO 70 gas gas grill not working.?
A relative was unaware that while using the grill the grill door must ...

david W. | Great Britain (UK)

Outer glass for Servis TD90SS?
Outer glass door for Servis TD90SS needs to be replaced and fitted - n...

Michelle Wadwell | Europe

indesit k6g52/g both grill ellements wont heat up?
no obvious damage to either element, small round thermostat at grill e...

jim w. | Great Britain (UK)

hhow can i beko dvc62 oven/grill?
does anyone have wiring diagram for beko dvc62 top oven?grill element...

evelyn | Great Britain (UK)

how do i replace my element in a flavel fls6fx electric fan oven?
how do i replace my main electric oven element on a flavel fls6fx...

tom | Great Britain (UK)

How can i fix the controls in my cooker?
the control knobs for oven and grill spin right round but don't switch...

Miss K Bartlett | Great Britain (UK)

How can I fix my Hotpoint BD31 oven door?
I have a Hotpoint BD31 double oven on which the door catches throwing ...

Brian border | Great Britain (UK)

diplomat 4550?
how do you change the element on a diplomat 4550 oven...

chris | Great Britain (UK)

gas cooktop burner problem?
i have a ge profilegas cooktop with 5 burners the gas is working fine ...

ray | United States

i am getting error code 22 then 26 on my baumatic b14ss touch hob.?
can anyone tell me what the error code 22 or 26 means on a baumatic b1...

jim | Great Britain (UK)

re: GE Spectra Gas Range?
The oven igniter is not working. Stove top works and broiler works. Is...

Sue q | United States

How do I secure the glass in the door of a Zanussi ZSA10 oven?
How do I secure the glass in the door of a Zanussi ZSA10 oven...

weaser | Great Britain (UK)

Zanussi ZCE7700x fan oven not working?
Zanussi ZCE7700x. The main fan oven heats up, the fan works, thermost...

T Edwards | Great Britain (UK)

Help!!!! delonghi DFS 903. Have changed elements?
My Delonghe DFS 903 oven just went off, we changed both elements and t...

carol | Great Britain (UK)

how do i replace broken glass door[obsolete]tricity bendix?
The above oven has an inner and outer glass panel to the door....I hav...

phil lewis | Great Britain (UK)

repairing electric cookers?
how to repair a creda carefree electric cooker as two elements do not ...

Peter | Great Britain (UK)

How to access the controllers for heating rings, Creda 48344 oven?
This is a Solar Speed oven. Two rings are no longer controllable other...

John Cowie | Great Britain (UK)

Can you still get parts for Creda EDCS51 or CredaEDC51?
Not sure if the model is EDCS 51 or EDC 51...

Judy Butcher | Great Britain (UK)

How can I fix the grill on my Electrolux double oven EOD5330?
Some time ago one of the screws that support the grill in the top ove...

Caroline | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix diplomat elite hob from e4 message?
How can i fix a diplomat elite hob form flashing e4? Does any one have...

mike | Great Britain (UK)

Wiring requirements.?
Can anyone tell me what size of cable is required for a diplomat elite...

Donny MacDonald | Great Britain (UK)

Leisure Rangemaster 110 timer?
Having got hold of a new Rangemaster 110 timer I need to replace it. H...

Ken Dickenson | Great Britain (UK)

Kenmore 790 F1 Fault?
What part do I need for my oven it flashes a F1 code and over heats it...

Terry | United States

how to fix my main oven on beko dvc 6531?
my oven is not heating up at all but the fan is working its a beko dvc...

baz | Great Britain (UK)

how can I fix?
Baumatic BT2630SF Gas Cooker pulldown oven door has jammed; half way o...

Gerwyn Caffery | Great Britain (UK)

the electronic card of my whirpool oven rb262pxa?
is damged and I canĀ“t find the sapre part. Does anybody know where m...

Rosario Jimenez | Venezuela

help with scratches on ceramic hob?
can you tell me if i can get anything to fix scratches on my ceramic h...

rose | Great Britain (UK)

spark ignition?
when oven is lit, spark igniter in the grill keeps clicking even thoug...

Rob | Great Britain (UK)

How do I remove my Moffat Gas Hob from my worktop?
How do I remove my Moffat Gas Module 61 hob from my worktop without da...

Arthur Tydeman | Great Britain (UK)

Hygena Oven and Grill APL 3428 - faulty clock/timer?
My clock/timer on the above model keeps tripping to the AUTO mode and ...

Roger Broome | Great Britain (UK)

termostate problem?
hi i have a beaumatic range cooker that: 1.) large oven is 40 degrees...

fred | Great Britain (UK)

CDA double gas oven?
top oven (grill) not working...

Tony | Great Britain (UK)

how can l unlock my hob?
l have a diplomat elite hob AAA1473 and accidently locked my hob. has ...

jennie1234 | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my cooker hood?
the cooker hood is not sucking up the fumes, im not sure what needs ch...

Hanna | Great Britain (UK)

How can I establish the cause of failure of my top oven to heat up?
I have a 'Hotpoint EW 74' slot in cooker. I inadvertantly closed the t...

David & Sue | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my oven?
there is no light coming on in the bottom oven,the bulb has been check...

tara riches | Great Britain (UK)

NEFF U1421 Oven door?
the oven door will not close properly...

Paul | Great Britain (UK)

hygena oven?
hygena oven gas turns of when i try toturn it on as soon ...

kev davis | Great Britain (UK)

AEG cooker hood bulbs keep going?
I have to renew bulbs (correctly rated ones) in my cooker hood every f...

Carol | Great Britain (UK)

how do i fix my stove frigidaire model FEF365BWC?
my bottom element burned up,i replaced oven doesn't work.everyt...

Don | United States

oven is not reaching temp?
my cable oven on my range cooker is not getting hot...

gina north | Great Britain (UK)

Green light and fan on in oven?
I have recently moved house and have a Tecnik TKC 1285. The elements ...

Jacqui aRam | Great Britain (UK)

i need an old hose connector to my westinghouse range?
my westinghouse range cooker has the old connector on the back and the...

davitt | Great Britain (UK)

How can I glue the starter button back on?
I have a basic gas hob fitted into our kitchen worktop. The electric s...

HG | Great Britain (UK)

Diplomat Select 710 timer doesn't work?
The timer on my Diplomat Select 710 electric oven has stopped working?...

Tracy T | Great Britain (UK)

cooker problems?
my cooker blows the rcd when the oven has been on for five minutes...

bob | Great Britain (UK)

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