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Categories > Appliances > Hobs/Ovens/Stoves > Questions
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There are 587 questions in this category,

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Fix Hobs/Ovens/Stoves

how do i remove the top off my hotpoint cooker?
i need to replace the ceramic hob on my hotpoint ultima cooker but can...

thecowman | Great Britain (UK)

Bottom built in oven?
Hi, Please could you help,I have a creda mirage double built in oven,t...

Neil | Great Britain (UK)

How do I get the glass to stay in the door?
I cleaned my Hotpoint EW74 cooker the other day and after I turned it ...

Rach | Great Britain (UK)

How can I get my induction hob repaired?
My stoves 600 cti has. 2 power boost rings and one has topped working....

Julie | Great Britain (UK)

how can I stop the vibration noise in grill compartment?
When I light the grill of my Stoves Newhome 600 gas cooker a load nois...

Alan | Great Britain (UK)

how can I fix my Belling e641 electric cooker?
2 of 4 hotplates are always on full whatever the position of the contr... | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Oven not heating up?
Hygena AHY3300 (Select by Diplomat) Power is getting to the analogue ...

Big-D | Great Britain (UK)

what is wrong with my oven?
all my cooker works hobs grill and the problem is my oven doesnt but t...

JACKIE | Great Britain (UK)

Rangemaster Oven Not Reaching Heat ?
Rangemaster Toledo 110 Dual Fuel - left hand conventional oven not rea...

Daren | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Zanussi Built-in oven Model ZBQ 595?
The fault is intermittent, the clock buzzes, then sometimes the clock ...

W Hearne | Canada

install ignition generator to oven?
i have hygena classic inset oven the ignition generator is faulty inee...

mick w | United States

I want to replace the oven timer on my duel fuel oven?
Model Cuisine master by leisure. We thought the problem was the elemen...

Katy | Great Britain (UK)

Connecting to mains?
How do I connect the mains cable(6mm) to my KOD35561XK double oven....

Tom b. | United States

How can I fix my Zanussi cooker zkg6040xn?
Ignitor continually sparks on hobs,top oven when main oven switched on...

jonesas | Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hob light won't turn off?
I have a Britannia Range Cooker (Electric fuel only) and the light on ...

KatyK | Great Britain (UK)

grill not working?
replaced grill element but still not working on my stoves 61 edo...

chris dodson | Great Britain (UK)

replaced element on oven but it wont heat?
newhome 800df model 050565015...

jamie | Great Britain (UK)

my neff B15H4 single oven is stuck with Err?
Its stuck on Err blowing out cold air, and I have re-set the clock, an...

Anoushka | Great Britain (UK)

DeLonghi dfs 090?
I have turned my DeLonghi DFS 090 tonight, when I did something went p...

Sam | Great Britain (UK)

oil fired stanley keeps cutting out?
stanley superstar keeps cutting out.reset lockout button somtimes it f...

nick | Great Britain (UK)

caravan Carver Hob?
One burner on hob has yellow flame put new washers on sealed all burne...

John Manson | Bosnia and Herzegovina

How can I replace the buttons on my Shacklock Chef wall oven?
The top larger knob (& spidle) that turns the light on in the oven is ...

April | United States

My baumatic gas knobs are stuck and do not move?
They do not move how can I get them to move...

Dee | United States

how do you replace a cooker knob on a ew74 slot in?
how do you put back on a cooker knob that has fell off a hotpoint ew74...

michele | Great Britain (UK)

Creda Igniter query?
The piezo igniter on our Creda Menu M150GM cooker has no click or spar...

BashBrand | United States

hob zanussi zvm640f?
my hob turns of and on when turn on it is a zanussi hub zvm640f....

paul | Great Britain (UK)

turn off child lock?
need to turn child lock off a Stoves Newhome EFa700H...

mmmmm | Great Britain (UK)

replaced lower oven element, no heating up but wont turn off?
replaced lower oven element, now heating up but wont turn off at the c...

Bryn | Great Britain (UK)

Hotpoint EW74 slot in cooker?
turned on the oven it lights up and the fan starts blowing but oven is...

Mike Barrie | Great Britain (UK)

duel fuel leisure roma 100 (rm10frs)?
fan assisted oven not heating up how can i eliminate whether its just ...

mrs t | Great Britain (UK)

whirlpool cooker?
after a powercut my whirlpool oven model akz151/wh displays stop how d...

marlene | Great Britain (UK)

Stoves 700CTI induction hob?
My Stoves 700CTI Induction hob keeps beeping when I turn it on and dis...

David | Germany

Hob won't switch on?
My Bosch Induction hob will not switch on. It has been working for ap...

Sheila | Great Britain (UK)

Creda Ceramic hob42297?
Can i obtain a Wiring diagram for Hob element 6203422 for Creda hob 4...

Don Taylor | Great Britain (UK)

why does my indesit cooker trip all my electrics?
Why does ny indesit cook keep triping all the electrics in my house wh...

Vicki smith | Great Britain (UK)

why does my diplomat 600Ga oven turn off?
My diplomat oven 600Ga (ADP0150) ocasionally turns off whilst cooking....

Glenn White | Great Britain (UK)

my door on my kenwood ckb200 wont shut properly?
the door on my kenwood ckb200 wont shut properly. i have taken the doo...

dean | Great Britain (UK)

How can I fix my grill on my Hygena deluxe single oven APL 3?
How can I fix the grill on my Hygena deluxe single oven APL 3116 MOCCA...

michael Harnell | Great Britain (UK)

Grill not working?
Will the grill element need replacing if the top oven/grill does not h...

Terry Hall | Great Britain (UK)

my electrolux oven has stopped heating up?
oven has stopped heating up ,the fan still runs but theres no heat is ...

laura reynolds | Great Britain (UK)

How can I fix my left hand Stoves halogen ring on my job?
How do I replace the front left hand halogen ring on my Stoves 600 E2H...

Mary from Kent | Belgium

How do I connect my modified stoves cooker fan?
The connectors on my stoves range cooker replacement fan has connector...

Rachel | Great Britain (UK)

Need control unit for Neff Oven?
I need a replacement control unit for the main/bottom oven of a Neff o...

Stevie | Great Britain (UK)

can I calibrate creda c183e fan oven?
creda concept c183e bottom fan oven overheating. will I be able to cal...

evieone | Great Britain (UK)

whats code c fault on prima fan oven?
prima fan oven displaying code c when swiching it on...

johnny | Great Britain (UK)

code c fault displays when swiching oven on?
prima singal fan oven not working just displays code c...

johnny h | Great Britain (UK)

leisure roma 60 cooker?
the ignition button has fallen through into the cooker. it still works...

Anita Sefton | Great Britain (UK)

flavel aspen 100 duel fan oven?
please help. i was cooking sunday dinner yesturday everything was ok t...

jane | United States

grill wont work creda solar speed 48344?
replaced grill elements not working...

george james | Germany

grill not working 48344 creda 48344?
replaced elements not working...

george | Germany

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