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Karcher pressure washer leaking oil?

I have a karcher pressure washer that has started to leak oil how can I repair the fault


December 2008


An electric karcher would only have oil in the main piston section (3 pistons that drive the water through the plastic pump housing) which is accessed via 4 allen bolts (there are 2 sets, and you only need to undo the ones furthest from the soap inlet and everything else will come off as one unit.
Buy a set of gaskets from (note the model number AND the other number on the silver label to ensure you get the right parts for your model, as parts will change for the same model over time).. don't forget to buy the oil at the same time!.. whole job takes about an hour and a quarter.. only 15 mins of which is the technical bit, and the rest is taking the plastic shell off and putting it back on again as you have to search every crevice for those pesky star key screws. If you dont have a set of star keys, I recommend getting a whole set os SECURITY star keys, as they undo ordinary ones too.. AND star keys undo allen bolts!.. tools required.. philips screwdriver, set of star keys, an ice cream tub for all the casing screws, and a healthy dose of patience

Julian Pearson May 2011

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Karcher pressure washer leaking oil?