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renault kangoo 02 nsf window winder handle removal?
Need help on removal of nsf window winder handle please. panel is off/...

phil | United Kingdom | September 2017

how to start my tumble dryer?
Bosch tumble dryer WTL 5500GB will not start when start selected. All...

raymondo | United Kingdom | September 2017

07 astra estate?
ignition lights come on but doesn't turn engine over...

maca | United Kingdom | September 2017

how can i fix my hotpoint aqualtis aq9d692u?
i have a f12 code come up what does this mean on an hotpoint aqualtis ...

peter moore | United Kingdom | September 2017

edc light fault?
My ldv maxus edc light starts flashing then van cuts out turn ignition...

Craig | United Kingdom | September 2017

breville steam gen 11n193 trips leccy?
trips leccy when press trigger for steam...

dave | United Kingdom | September 2017

ldv maxus immobiliser?
anyone know how to bypass immobiliser on ldv maxus, I'm fed up spendin...

Billy | United Kingdom | August 2017

The pump on my washing machine work even though theres power?
Hi, the pump on my washing machine fails to turn even though there's p...

Neville Massey | United Kingdom | August 2017

sensixxb3bocsh iron?
my iron leaking water from the bottom...

steven | United Kingdom | August 2017

My hotpoint tumble dryer timing dial will not turn?
Tumble dryer used 2 days ago - no problem set time, finished at 0 & cl...

SJP | United Kingdom | August 2017

noise in my bosch classixx 6 w/machine?
theres a uniform clicking noise coming from the machine when drum rota...

ken | United Kingdom | August 2017

macallister lawnmower?
mower makes noise and smoke coming from it...

F Hunt | United Kingdom | August 2017

My Russell Hobbs Steam Generator no longer steams.?
What can I do to fix this:- I recently changed the filter on my Russel...

KDM | United Kingdom | August 2017

how can istart my ldv?
my LDV wont start its getting fuel to the engine, the coil light keeps...

dave | United Kingdom | August 2017

Hotpoint aquarius Hello, electronic 800 plus 9518?
My washing machine drum is pouring water I opened it and check thinki...

Yasita | United Kingdom | August 2017

toyota aygo red air bag light flashing?
my red air bag warning light has just come on my display and keeps f...

D S Easton | United Kingdom | August 2017

F2what it mean on a washer?
F2. Came on a washer and it not spining...

Angela | United Kingdom | August 2017

Removing rear internal light Kangoo LL21 van?
Hi How do I remove the rear internal light houseing/light from the bac...

Lee Harris | United Kingdom | August 2017

flattened battery on fiat stilo?
It's turning over but won't start...

Jason | United Kingdom | August 2017

Matsuie M12fdw09 dishwasher?
3rd 4th light from left start flashing after a while?...

Phill GRace | United Kingdom | July 2017

vauxall corsa 04 plate?
windscreen wipers fuse keeps blowing why...

dave | United Kingdom | July 2017

turn on dryer light comes on then go of wont start?
i have a bosch tumble dryer exxcel when i turn it on the the light com...

tony | United Kingdom | July 2017

BOSCH classixx 1200Exspress?
the washing machine has stopped not taking out the fuse in the plug. t...

anthony lupton | United States | July 2017

Russell Hobbs steam generator iron 20580?
The base of the steam generator keeps vibrating and making a loud vibr...

Ilona | United Kingdom | July 2017

zanussi de6854 dishwasher stuck mid cycle?
The dishwasher starts but gets stuck in mid wash cycle. I've tried it ...

mike | United Kingdom | July 2017

red hand on disc?
at the front of w/m bottom right behind the removable plastic trim , t...

alec dalton | United Kingdom | July 2017

mountfiled 1530H will not start?
New mountfiled lawn tractor suddenly stopped. It will now not start n...

Michael Williams | United Kingdom | July 2017

Tumble dryer timer switch?
What makes a tumble dryer timer stick and can I replace it...

Sue Curtis | United Kingdom | July 2017

My Peugeot 3008 says "risk of particle filter clogging"?
A warning triangle has appeared on the dashboard of my Peugeot 3008. A...

MN | United Kingdom | July 2017

beko7267 pauses?
my beko washing machine model 7267 keeps pausing during washing progra... | United Kingdom | July 2017

Beko washing machine?
my beko doesn't seem to be taking fabric softener.ive cleaned out the ...

mandy | United Kingdom | July 2017

What is wrong with my Indesit WILL 133 . wont turn on?
Had accident were waste pipe was left in Top of washer. Now it wont t...

jen's dilema | United Kingdom | July 2017

My Russell Hobbs steam generator iron won't switch on.?
I can't get the light to stop flashing and it's only the third time I'...

Hilary Wilder | United Kingdom | July 2017

how can i fix waste hose?
my waste hose has split, how do I replace it? bosch classicx6 1400 exp...

y holland | United Kingdom | July 2017

My Russell Hobbs dishwasher won't switch on?
When I press the ON switch the dishwasher lights come on and then go o...

Stephen | United Kingdom | July 2017

I have a vauxhall zafira 1.6 2004. Dashhboard lights?
Dashboard light not working. Presume it is a fuse but have no owners m...

kay lintern | United Kingdom | July 2017

Zanussi zwin7148L?
Is the central locking on my zanussi washing machine wort repairing pl...

Miss best | United Kingdom | July 2017

Please can you tell me what a pic of a lock with a 1 inside?
Please can you tell me what a pic of a lock with I inside of it means ...

Miss best | United Kingdom | July 2017

Central locking?
Can you tell me should the light on the child lock switch always be on...

Chris jones | United Kingdom | June 2017

How to fit a rear washer mister?
I have a replacement rear washer spray mister as my one has either bee...

Jenny Lee | United Kingdom | June 2017

what is falt code 134920?
my astra engine stops and will not start did peddle check and two code...

philip b | United Kingdom | June 2017

ignition clicking on all the time?
The electric ignition on my gas hob is clicking all the time...

bob | United Kingdom | June 2017

replace heating element defy autodryer?
Ho to replace the element on a defy aurodryer...

eddy uys | South Africa | June 2017

You are subscribed to this thread zafira central locking?
Hi This morning my central locking on our zafira b 2013 1.7 diesel s...

john | United States | June 2017

no steam from my hinari iron?
hinari steam generator iron cant get steam...

mary mc nulty | United Kingdom | June 2017

my horn does not work on my partner 625 van?
my horn does not work on my 2012 partner 625 s van also the screen sho...

brian | United Kingdom | May 2017

My seimens washing machine E-NrWH54880GB?
Won't go through a full wash cycle its stuck on the wash mode and I ha...

Marion Fitton | United Kingdom | May 2017

Still flashing lights?
Hot point aqualtis stops @spin all lights flashing Cleared filter but ...

Bryan | United Kingdom | May 2017

how can i fix my dvd vcr combi toshiba se-r0342?
my dvd vcr combi was working fine until today but now it keeps switchi...

sharon | United Kingdom | May 2017

my shower has stopped working?
mx shower has stopped working . there is power to the shower switch bu...

barney | United Kingdom | May 2017

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