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How can I fix Bosch Classixx 1200 Express?
Turn programme to 40. Machines starts to fill. There are then 2 clicks...

David L | United Kingdom | January 2018

my hotpoint ultima won't start?
when I switch the machine on the lights come on and you can select a p...

Jon Padfield | United Kingdom | January 2018

hazerd lights staying on?
i have a fiat skudo the hazerd lights wont switch of...

william | United Kingdom | December 2017

classix7 condenser dryer leaking?
Having fixed problem with dryer stopping, it now seems to have develop...

Dave H | United Kingdom | December 2017

hoover cyclonic?
appliance is fully charged. on using the cleaner it runs for 10sec. th... | United Kingdom | December 2017

my ldv maxus 2005 diesel 2.5?
when i bought my van last year the garage said I had to change the ecu...

ndrew ramsay | United Kingdom | December 2017

Renault Master drivers door?
Drivers door says door open every now and then. When the door is clear...

Mike Harvey | United Kingdom | December 2017

Tefal GV6720 Iron generator no steam?
My Tefal GV6720 when switched on has blue light flashing on base unit ...

Susan | United Kingdom | December 2017

LDV maxus speed limiter removal?
im turnining a LDV Maxus minibus into a camper to go from Aberdeenshir...

Lisa | United Kingdom | December 2017

fan oven not heating up?
my fan oven isn't heating up. I checked previous posts and decided to ...

andy | United Kingdom | December 2017

Zanussi ZWD 1480 W Timeline 1489?
How do I remove filter.(bottom front right of machine). After unscrewi...

Dennis | United Kingdom | December 2017

Hotpoint SDW60 wont operate?
the machine won't start. the display is shwing salt needed, this has ...

julie smith | United Kingdom | December 2017

classixx 1200 express?
Although motor sounds as if it's running last spin does not activate...

Ronald | United Kingdom | December 2017

Error keeps flashing on control panel?
Error keeps flashing on control panel temperature lights and wash time...

Moore | United Kingdom | November 2017

Hot point Aquarius wf541?
Hi my washing machine starts fills even spins but then lights start fl...

Sue | United Kingdom | November 2017

How to open door f6 flashing lights?
My aqualtis washing machine saying f6 and all the lights are flashing ...

Robert brown | United Kingdom | November 2017

Excessive cycle time Classixx6 1200express?
Washing cycle is taking approx. twice as long as it used to do. Class...

B. Forman | United Kingdom | November 2017

iron mzking noise?
russel hobs steam&glide generator making beepinng noise and flashing...

bevevans | United Kingdom | November 2017

f21 flashing bosch classxx6?
f21 flashing on display bosch classxx6 1400 express...

R Carr | United Kingdom | November 2017

Start/stop & spin end buttons flashing on Bosch Logixx7 wash?
Can anyone help fix my Bosch Logixx7 washing machine out it on this mo...

Michela | United Kingdom | November 2017

how can i fix my hoover performa 1100 washing machine?
my hoover performa 1100 goes through a cycle but the water does not ge...

w crew | United Kingdom | November 2017

Why is the red light flashing on electrolux?
Why is the red light flashing on my electrolux?...

Donna Menzies | New Zealand (Aotearoa) | November 2017

How to change lead breville iron VlN243?
How can I remove back covetr...

peter skinner | United Kingdom | November 2017

neff gmbh type s911?
we have been away for a month and the dishwasher wont operate it sound...

bob knowd | United Kingdom | October 2017

Indesit idl535 not working?
The 1st and 3rd light keeps flashing. Any ideas what is wrong with thi...

Tracy Anderson | United Kingdom | October 2017

EC02 Glass Washer?
Arm is not spiining in machine during wash cycle...

Tina | United Kingdom | October 2017

Diplomat Elite ABA1140 ignition fault?
Hi Having read various articles, it would appear my Spark Generator is...

Larry | United Kingdom | October 2017

My Zanussi Aquacycle 1300 will not open. Any ideas why?
My machine stopped working mid spin cycle and made a buzzing noise. I ...

Joanna Miller | United Kingdom | October 2017

Murphy Richards elite steam generator?
Steam constantly coming out of iron without pressing steam release but...

JR | United Kingdom | October 2017

Overheating problem on a Citroen relay 2.2 diesel?
Hi I wonder if any can help me with this problem I have .my water pump...

Tony Wallis | United Kingdom | October 2017

zanussi condencer lead/plug?
moved a few weeks ago, gone to dry my clothes, but I cant find the plu...

mary | United Kingdom | October 2017

Why is my oven tripping out?
Changed the element on my creda aspire cooker in the fan oven.This tri...

James | United Kingdom | October 2017

smeg oven sf585xls err6?
someone else asked about err9 but got no reply I have err6 wondering...

ed adder | United States | September 2017

8e1 code wf45h6300ag?
there is a red light on the main circuit board is it bad?...

gregory | United States | September 2017

Fault on hot point WMF720?
Washing machine paused shortly after starting After pressing the paus...

Wendy | United Kingdom | September 2017

Faslt on hot point WMF720?
Hi my machine has paused not long into a wash flashing F6, after press...

Wendy | United Kingdom | September 2017

renault kangoo 02 nsf window winder handle removal?
Need help on removal of nsf window winder handle please. panel is off/...

phil | United Kingdom | September 2017

how to start my tumble dryer?
Bosch tumble dryer WTL 5500GB will not start when start selected. All...

raymondo | United Kingdom | September 2017

07 astra estate?
ignition lights come on but doesn't turn engine over...

maca | United Kingdom | September 2017

how can i fix my hotpoint aqualtis aq9d692u?
i have a f12 code come up what does this mean on an hotpoint aqualtis ...

peter moore | United Kingdom | September 2017

edc light fault?
My ldv maxus edc light starts flashing then van cuts out turn ignition...

Craig | United Kingdom | September 2017

breville steam gen 11n193 trips leccy?
trips leccy when press trigger for steam...

dave | United Kingdom | September 2017

ldv maxus immobiliser?
anyone know how to bypass immobiliser on ldv maxus, I'm fed up spendin...

Billy | United Kingdom | August 2017

The pump on my washing machine work even though theres power?
Hi, the pump on my washing machine fails to turn even though there's p...

Neville Massey | United Kingdom | August 2017

sensixxb3bocsh iron?
my iron leaking water from the bottom...

steven | United Kingdom | August 2017

My hotpoint tumble dryer timing dial will not turn?
Tumble dryer used 2 days ago - no problem set time, finished at 0 & cl...

SJP | United Kingdom | August 2017

noise in my bosch classixx 6 w/machine?
theres a uniform clicking noise coming from the machine when drum rota...

ken | United Kingdom | August 2017

macallister lawnmower?
mower makes noise and smoke coming from it...

F Hunt | United Kingdom | August 2017

My Russell Hobbs Steam Generator no longer steams.?
What can I do to fix this:- I recently changed the filter on my Russel...

KDM | United Kingdom | August 2017

how can istart my ldv?
my LDV wont start its getting fuel to the engine, the coil light keeps...

dave | United Kingdom | August 2017

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