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how can I fix it?
Russell hobbs autosteam pro the iron heats but the water don't heats u...

Dave | September 2018

bosch 7 logixx error/fault?
the stop start button and spin and end light is flashing and the machi...

Nicola | August 2018

How can fix error C2 for sharp wash machine top load?
How can fix error C2 for sharp washing machine top load ES-P10HS...

Rachida | August 2018

Black specks on the washing?
Why does my washing have black specks over it when it comes out of the...

Washerwoman39 | August 2018

creda error code E05?
what does error code E05 mean on my creda cooker...

JOHN SPILLER | August 2018

My belt came off my hotpoint aquarius wmf720?
How do I put it back on as I dont no how it should look like when its ...

Andy jenkin | August 2018

Door won't open?
Highpoint Aquarius 8450? The cycle has finished but door won't open...

Carole | July 2018

full question below?
my aeg gas hob sparks all the time not just at the time when the gas i...

mike | July 2018

Hotpoint Aquarious washing maching- - approx. two years old.?
After the maching goes through its cycle we are unable to unlock or op...

Garry Sargeant | July 2018

All lights flashing?
I have aqualtis washing machine and all the lights are flashing ? Door...

Lorraine | July 2018

RH RHFR698S-SBS side by side fridge is below freezing point?
Fridge side is freezing the stuff...

Elmar | July 2018

How can I fix my remotekey?
The key fob fell apart ,replaced battery,switches,cover and reset the ...

Michael Edwards | July 2018

Noises from back of appliance?
I have a fridge freezer which is Hotpoint First Edition and there is a...

M. King | June 2018

aiwa cx-zm2600 1 channel distorted?
With this Aiwa 1 channel plays well,but other is distorted.Possible ca...

Frank | June 2018

Is it possible to fix a Dyson CR 01 control panel before I b?
Can anybody help with a Dyson CR 01 control panel? I seam to be missi...

Barry Norman | June 2018

how can i fix my bosch classixx 6 washing machine?
after a normal cycle sometime later water comes in and spills onto the...

ken | June 2018

Auto Iris error in epson eb-s6?
Auto Iris error in epson eb-s6...

Shiv Nandan | June 2018

Zanussi aqua cycle Xc 1200?
My machine will not draw water in and flashes on the start pause butto...

paula | June 2018

fault finding to rectify f21?
Bosch classixx6 1400 express showing F21...

Bob | June 2018

Does a56 plate c3 have a heat sensor?
My C3 used to tell me on digital dashboard that it was getting hot can...

Paul | May 2018

citrroen dispatch?
the brakes come on the front wheels on my citroen dispatch 1998 after ...

alan jones | May 2018

Mk6 Transit just cuts out?
Hi Mk6 2ltr Diesel 148 k on clock just spent 1k having new fuel pump a...

J T Smith | May 2018

Hello where can I purchase a replacement cap for my steam bu?
A replacement cap for the steam buggy ek 8005 /...

Ann | April 2018

removal of matixs?
do i have to remove the dash to replace the matix neater on a movano 2...

william | April 2018

LDV Maxus van stuck in gear?
The other day I could not put my van in gear with the engine running. ...

Andre Irons | April 2018

cant change speed limiter from 70 mph on 2017 citroen dispat?
got a citroen dispatch 66 plate cant alter speed limiter from 70 mph...

mick | April 2018

Honda lawnmower Rear rollor replacement?
How do i knock out the spring pin in order to remove and replace the e...

Peter Richardson | April 2018

my aqxxl 120 pi dose not move on?
my AQXXL 129 PI dose not move on to next steep you can move it manuall...

john | April 2018

hotpoint wmd960 leaks on silk cycle only. Why?
hotpoint wmd960 leaks on silk cycle only. Why...

mike | March 2018

Fuse for reversing light?
Which of the many fuses on the 2010 Mangold is the one for the reversi...

William Simpson | March 2018

bread maker 48220 pops RCD?
my morphy richards breadmaker 48220 pops my RCD but not MCB on my con...

tryntofixit | March 2018

wiper fault citreon dispatch?
after using wipers and turning engine off wipers pulse trying to wipe ...

David Bryden | March 2018

head lamps and wipers come on despatch van?
after leaving van with keys out for five mins.the wipers and head lamp...

graham carr | March 2018

Speedo not working?
Speedo not working and milage gone high...

Ed James | March 2018

how do i isolate water dripping from shower?
how do i isolate water from inside shower casing...

peter | March 2018

how can I fix Hotpoint aquarius WML 720?
loud banging from inside drum when on 1200 spin... | March 2018

How to remove pump cover on my boche logic 7?
I'm trying to un screw the pump cover on my boche logixx 7 it goes fro...

Mike Gallagher | March 2018

Can I fix aq113D 6971?
I have the above model Hotpoint Aqualtis, recently on a few programme...

Richard S | March 2018

Citroen Aircross C3 2018 model?
The front passenger door lock will not open from the inside, all other...

Roger. | March 2018

saunier duval F30e?
Hi i have a saunier duval therma condens F30E, toady the fault code F5...

Darren | February 2018

Remove the Bread Carriage Leavers on MR 4 slice toaster?
How to remove the 'Bread Carriage Leavers' on a Morphy Richards 4 slic...

John Smithson | February 2018

Stopped working?
I left my washing machine working properly when I checked it had stopp...

Patricia | February 2018

How can I fix my washing machine?
My washing machine is the aqualtis hotpoint the lights are flashing sa...

Vincent | February 2018

hotpoint extra 742 f6 fault on?
is f6 an electrical fault can I fix it my self...

chris | February 2018

Cigarette lighter?
I have a 2006 kangoo van and am unable to charge my phone or power my ...

Dave Trowell | January 2018

how can i replace mirror citroen dispatch2014?
have a broken passengers side mirror electric folding need to change f...

freddie | January 2018

Help with my tv?
How to get the main menu up on a acoustic solution tv LCD2761HDF...

Chelsea | January 2018

Halogen oven fault?
My andrew james 12l digital halogen oven powers up,display lights up b...

John Smith | January 2018

How can I fix Bosch Classixx 1200 Express?
Turn programme to 40. Machines starts to fill. There are then 2 clicks...

David L | January 2018

my hotpoint ultima won't start?
when I switch the machine on the lights come on and you can select a p...

Jon Padfield | January 2018

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