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Categories > Sound & Vision > Televisions > Questions
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There are 318 questions in this category,

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Fix Televisions

how to fix my warfedale tv?
my warfedale tv wont switch on but the blue stand by light is flashing...

kelly | United States

Blue flashing light on goodman tv?
I have a Goodman TV model LD2665D.On the front mid way is a small blue...

Bob | Great Britain (UK)

temp loss of sound?
I have a Sony Bravia KDL 40D3500U and every so often (maybe 2 or 3 tim...

Paul Capewell | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my screen?
my tv screen has cracked and its only 5months old the crack is on the ...

kayleigh l | Great Britain (UK)

tv stuck technosonic lcd3251?
tv is flashing at top right hand corner.BBC2 PROG 2.and wont come on a...

ricky | Great Britain (UK)

can i get a replacement screen?
ALBA TV LCDW16HDF TV screen is cracked. can i get a replacement or i...

David Savage | Great Britain (UK)

Matsui 50inch Plasma help please?
I need the fuse which goes inside the TELEVISION itself.. not the fuse...

Kayleigh | Great Britain (UK)

samsung le22b350?
how can i fix my tv it only turn on when it want 2...

mick | Great Britain (UK)

Problem with hitachi 20LD 2500?
The problem is that thepicture crackles and goes of for short periods ...

Ray | Great Britain (UK)

sound but no vision on TV?
Matsui Model M22LID618, approx 4 years old. my parents lost their manu...

Pippa Cave | Europe

smudge on inside of tv?
ive just discovered a smudge inside my matsui plasma tv its not that o...

lynda gyle | Great Britain (UK)

acustic solutions lcd 32761 hdf?
I have a fault on my television the blue standbye light comes on but w...

der | Great Britain (UK)

alba lcdw16hdf tv?
After 16 months of great service,I have lost the colour on my tv. Ever...

Kenny | Great Britain (UK)

alba tv?
cud anyone tell me which is the video input to a alba tv model lcd w16...

gizzy | Canada

how can i fix my tv/dvd combo jmb 16911leddvdblack?
when i put on dvd mode the picture is black and white but on tv mode t...

deek | Great Britain (UK)

how to fix?
i have a 37inch xenius tv and i get the normal channels ok but when i ...

steph | United States

my beko tv screen freezes up to?
my beko tv screen keeps freezing up start just last week...

air | Great Britain (UK)

how do u find the hdmi channels on a matsui televsion?
we are trying to play the playstation 3 on the matsui 42 inch tv but c...

taguey85 | Great Britain (UK)

alba lcd32761hdf tv?
My ALBA LCD32761HDF TV is flashing red, green and blue. How can I fix...

Fiona | Great Britain (UK)

how to stop my tv freezing?
my beko tv keeps freezing and when i switch it to stand by it says ple...

jax | Great Britain (UK)

32" bush flat screen blowing fuse?
my tv the last 2 days once switched off keeps blowing the fuse( a 5 am...

janet | Great Britain (UK)

Can I stop my TV switching itself off?
My Wharfedale LCD2610AF has started switching itslf off to standby eve...

Len G | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my tv?
Blue light on front of tv keeps flashinfg and tv will not turn on...

andy f | Bosnia and Herzegovina

how can i get my 19"umc lcd tv off stand by?
hi i have an 19"umc lcd tv stuck on standby it has red light flashi...

ron | United States

busch dvd combi?
my bush dvd combi,dvd stopped working it just hear clicking and will n...

vinny | Great Britain (UK)

how to fix my lg plasma 42 inch tv?
i had a picture on the screen.i went to use the sky control to change ...

jock donold | Great Britain (UK)

how to get sound on?
i have an acoustic solutions lcdwdvd19fb tv.aprox. 2-3 years old and w...

Dan | Great Britain (UK)

picture but no sound?
hi i have a bush 32 lcd good picture but no sound any one know how i c...

paul | United States

my tv is stuck on standby?
my tv is stuck on standby with blue light showing have tried to switch...

donna | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix?
emerson mod-ewt19b3 tv has no sound...

bob | United States

What is a BNS short on an LG 42LF77?
What is a BNS short on an LG 42LF77 free sat TV and how do I repair it...

Mick | Great Britain (UK)

panasonic tv lx37s20b?
when white lettering is on a black background the lettering dims to a ...

alan fox | Great Britain (UK)

sony kdl32s2010?
on switching on the picture comes on then goes off immediately there i...

Ray coddd | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my tv?
Aucoustic solution tv/dvd conmbi. Foreign lanuage on screen flashes.....

James | Great Britain (UK)

How can i fix my Alba 16inch all in one DVD/LCD TV?
Alba 16inch black (cant find modle NO.) DVD/LCD/FREEVIEW TV My dvd re...

Michael Gillett | Great Britain (UK)

tv stuck on stand by?
bush 32 lcd tv stuck on stand by red light comes on cant get sound or ...

Bob | Great Britain (UK)

smoky lines on screen?
bush lcd37tv016hd black smoky lines up both sides seen worse on footba...

Linda | Great Britain (UK)

telly has green vertical band at side and sometimes red band...

mich | Great Britain (UK)

acoustic solutions tv lcd?
hi i have a acoustic solutions tv lcd and u put it on and it gos to...

martin | Great Britain (UK)

how to switch a child lock off?
how do I switch off a child lock on a NAIKO N-1403?...

ROSIE | Great Britain (UK)

42lg5010 has a bright band running horizontal across the scr?
my 42 lg 5010 has a 2 to 3 inch bright band running horizontally acros...

Tom | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my beko flat screen tv?
my standby button is flashing green and red and want switch on...

karen mc | Great Britain (UK)

I have a broken screen on a A.S. 26761HDF?
I have a broken 26761HDF screen. I have taken the rear cover off and i...

Russ | Great Britain (UK)

durabrand tvcr3021 combi?
tv was ok when switched off. When switched back on set "dead" No fu...

Milne Kerr | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my goodmans gtvl25w28hdf hd tv black screen?
when i turn my tv on i just get a blank screen for about 1 hour before...

Taz | Great Britain (UK)

dvd keeps cutting out?
have just bought 42 inch bush plasma tuned in dvd plays for while then...

brian macgregor | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my logik tv log37lw782?
the blue light on front of tv keeps flashing and tv wont come on...

debz | United States

black diamond plasma?
i have a black diamond plasma md42pdp there is powu er in the reciever...

jay cunningham | Ireland

How can I fix my matsui TV M22DVDB19?
I am unable to tune in DTV channels and have a no services message...

Alan | Great Britain (UK)

sound system problem?
i have just bought a 42 inch lg lcd tv, but my surround sound system d...

allan | Great Britain (UK)

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