How can I fix my ...

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Mckeller stapler?

Hi can you please tell me the staple size for this product I have no information or handbook

How can I mend/replace my MAC Allister drill?

I have 4 sets of Mac Allister drills they all use batteries MBAT18-LI the Chargers are MC18BS-LI and the wire on them have all broken as it was just made of thin wire so not built to last. I can't fi ... more


How can I fix Frister Rossmann Electronic Cub 8?

Frister & Rossmann Electronic Cub 8. The repair guy said the electronic card had died, what can I do?

How do I take off the side panel on my Indesit cooker?

How do I take the side panel off my Indesit cooker model number ID60G2W


Bowl required?

Bowl required for Hinari FPB3 processor


British Gas 532/i Gas Combi Boiler?

Hi Please could you help? I also have British Gas combi Condensing boiler RD532i. Installed 2006. Never given me any trouble. But just recently when running the hot water after 3-4 mins the boiler jus ... more

How to repair?

humax 1100s is dead


How can I mend my cooker?

I have no spark on my DeLonghi DFS 090 DO cooker

Adjust carburetor?

Homelite UT15136 need to adjust the carburetor but there's a metal sleeve under the plastic governor just turns easily but blocks my there a specific way to take it off?

Greenstar 25 combo boiler?

The washers on my worster boiler key seems to big what can I do to repressurise it