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How to fit new seal on hoover washer/dryer?

I can’t get a new seal to fit on my hoover washer/dryer it’s an integrated one how do you get the front off it seems to be in one piece including the sides model hbwd 85414d -80 31800308


Flymo 400 turbo stopped working?

my flymo 400 turbo electric just stopped working. I you want to start it and press the button it just clicks. It has power. the motor looks dry and the wires are attached. I got a hunch that it might ... more


BEKO XTG611W Glass Lid Hinge Housing replace?

BEKO XTG611W 60 cm Gas Cooker I have taken off the glass top lid to replace a broken spring hinge. I also find the hinge Housing is badly damaged and needs to be replaced. My question is: Does the ... more


Logik 2gb mp4 player l2gmp409?

Hello, I have a 'LOGIK 2GB MP4 Player L2GMP409'. I have plugged it into my laptop then tried to remove the music and things stored onto it, I tried this but it did not work, it said that an 'error' ha ... more


How to replace right side hinge housing supporting glass lid?

Beko XGT611 glass lid hinge housing needs replacing as it is no longer holds the hinge in place and glass lids keeps popping out when trying to lower in horizontal position. Is a replacement hinge hou ... more


Hoover telios 2203 001?

how to remove wheel on hoover telios TTE 2203 001 vacuum cleaner


why my new black and decker cordless drill 12v does not want to work


Daf cf?

How can I mend alternator not charging DAF CF


Brita Morphy Richards kettle?

I have a brita Morphy Richards and somehow the plastic bit the maxtra brita filters goes into has fallen into the kettle! I have tried anything I can think of to get it out no luck. I can’t use the ... more


Need spare helical gear?

I have a "Performance" brand compound mitre saw from B&Q. Label is missing so no model number. I need a new LEFT HAND CUT helical spindle gear with 32 teeth. Outside diameter of 43mm. Inner hole dia ... more