How can I fix my ...

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what is the correct mix for the sabre s 2045 strimmer please

I need a schematic / wiring diagram?

T-fal AVANTE 4 slice toaster model #5332-50 I need a schematic / wiring diagram and can't find one anywhere. Can you help?

Circuit board broken?

My tv get wet because of roof leaks and it was working then there was loadshedding when the electricity come back there was a bursting sound. What could have burst on the circuit board? Hisense led TV ... more


How can i mend non working cd deck on music centre?

one of the cd decks on my steepletone capitol music stack system is not working cn I fix it

Have I got got a faulty programmer?

Have just replaced a Siemens RWB2E programmer which was a direct replacement which was giving trouble, plugged straight in and has been working for a week OK, now the clock has been stopping erratical ... more