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Categories > Heating & Cooling > Home Heating Systems > Questions
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There are 378 questions in this category,
Home Heating Systems.

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Fix Home Heating Systems

grasslin towerchron qe1 not working?
The screen stays blank and the heating remains on unless turned off at...

George Kelly | United Kingdom

Grassington towerchron programmer qe1not working.?
The heating stays on until switched of at socket, the screen remains b...

George Kelly | United Kingdom

Grasslin towerchron qe1?
Timer is not working. Display shows 888. Should I arrange replace unit...

Chilly | United Kingdom

combi boiler halstead ace high?
lockout red light will not come on also hot water green light willnot...

dennis batty | United Kingdom

ferroli demicondens f28?
lpg gas ran out.replaced with new bottle,purged gas supply at cooker b... | United Kingdom

boiler pointer in red?
I had a valiant 937 eco plus c/h boiler installed in 2006. recently th...

stu. | United Kingdom

vokera compact 25a fault code a01?
No hot water and no heating.Tried reset but did not work...

protab ali | United Kingdom

How can I fix my remeha avanta plus?
The heating has gone. Off and my boiler is flashing code E10...

B platts | United Kingdom

how do i erase fault code & restart?
Hi I have a ferroli 35C boiler we had a power cut last night but it c...

dave b | United Kingdom

Saunier duval themaclassic?
What does error F 16 mean. How Can I fix it ?...

Mourad Benabadji | Algeria

combi boiler cutting out when using shower?
baxi 28e combi boiler cutting out when using shower...

trevor | United Kingdom

Jaguar 23k combination boiler?
Why don't I get DHW when I turn a hot water tap on unless the central ...

Terry James | United Kingdom

my halstead eden VB18 keeps tripping out?
it trips out gas flue temperature>105'...

d.pearson | United Kingdom

How can I fix my Vailant boiler?
I have a vaillant Eco tech boiler with Error F75 there are no knobs un...

Linda Pidgeon | United Kingdom

how can i fix my Worcester 24cdi boiler?
when heating demanded boiler works fine for 10 mins then locks out. it...

mjvlt | United Kingdom

My Eco light is flashing Orange on my ferroli boiler?
The Eco button is flashing orange on my Ferrell boiler. The result, no...

Richard Finlay | Netherlands

Fan not working?
Replaced fan on saunier duval isofast f 28 e still not working...

Tj | Great Britain (UK)

Water pouring out my Ferroli Domicondens F24?
Ferolli Domicondens F24. When it rains, water is pouring out of the co...

Ian Roberts | United States

where can i buy a replacement remote?
lookin for a replacement remote for a harlow fireplace model no ldbl20...

jo-jo | Great Britain (UK)

Ferroli boiler does not produce hot water.?
Ferroli optima boiler works ok on heating but not on hot water. i.e ho...

John Birchall | Great Britain (UK)

Procombi Exlusive Error L2?
The Procombi Exclusive boiler was working fine till the Gas engineer c...

Mal | Great Britain (UK)

I need help with a Fault code f04?
Hi my ferroli domiconden f28 keeps flashing a f04 code but this code i...

Joanne | Germany

How can I set the timer on my Ferroli DOMIcondens F24?
Hi, I've just moved into a house which has a Ferroli DOMIcondens F 24 ...

Annemarie | Great Britain (UK)

feroli 31c boiler?
fault code f12 is showing and cant get it off, what does this code mea...

hazel | United States

Heating element?
Are the heating element difficult to change in storage heater E7...

Patrick | Germany

jak ustawic junkers ferolli he 26c?
jak ustawic junkers feroli he 26 c...

emil wasko | Great Britain (UK)

ideal he24 nothing on display at power going to it but noyhi?
ideal he 24 worjing fine yesterday now no lights or display there is p...

Duncan Campbell | United States

combi no power showing?
hi i have a halstead combi boiler, turned on this evening working fine...

john | Great Britain (UK)

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Home Heating Systems

Fix Home Heating Systems

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