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Categories > Appliances > Washing Machines > Questions
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There are 2299 questions in this category,
Washing Machines.

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Fix Washing Machines

Bosch classixx 6 1200 express washing machie?
Fault f 17 showing does anyone know the problem...


How can I get it out?
Door open button broke and has fell behind panel...

Barry Culver

reset washing machine?
how do i reset my washing machine it is a beko wm5140w...

paul crundall

My Indesit WIXE 127 error code says 'F-05'?
I put a wash on and half way through wash stops and display says F-05 ...

Jenni Shep

error code f-18?
How do I remove the control board...


Water in drum 2 days AFTER finishing wash Bosch FD9105?
Hi All, after a normal wash the machine empties and drains the water o...


rapid banging as drum spun?
as my hotpoint Aquarius WMF 740 echo tech was spinning, it sounded as ...

rob wilson

How to fix model WF02467GB/ 17?
My washing machine does not start, select program time displays, “re...

Simon D

Washing machine short circuited during cycle?
Aqualtis washing machine short circuited mid cycle. Electric wouldn’...


My hotpoint aqualtis AQXXL 128 PI is stopping mid cycle?
It’s filling up normal when started but won’t get past the first p...

Nic louise

how can i fix my bosch wis24140gb/07 washing machine?
start button flashing,, I have already replaced motor brushes, and ele...

bosch 7 logixx error/fault?
the stop start button and spin and end light is flashing and the machi...


How can fix error C2 for sharp wash machine top load?
How can fix error C2 for sharp washing machine top load ES-P10HS...


Black specks on the washing?
Why does my washing have black specks over it when it comes out of the...


My belt came off my hotpoint aquarius wmf720?
How do I put it back on as I dont no how it should look like when its ...

Andy jenkin

Door won't open?
Highpoint Aquarius 8450? The cycle has finished but door won't open...


Hotpoint Aquarious washing maching- - approx. two years old.?
After the maching goes through its cycle we are unable to unlock or op...

Garry Sargeant

All lights flashing?
I have aqualtis washing machine and all the lights are flashing ? Door...


Is it possible to fix a Dyson CR 01 control panel before I b?
Can anybody help with a Dyson CR 01 control panel? I seam to be missi...

Barry Norman

how can i fix my bosch classixx 6 washing machine?
after a normal cycle sometime later water comes in and spills onto the...


Zanussi aqua cycle Xc 1200?
My machine will not draw water in and flashes on the start pause butto...


fault finding to rectify f21?
Bosch classixx6 1400 express showing F21...


my aqxxl 120 pi dose not move on?
my AQXXL 129 PI dose not move on to next steep you can move it manuall...


hotpoint wmd960 leaks on silk cycle only. Why?
hotpoint wmd960 leaks on silk cycle only. Why...


how can I fix Hotpoint aquarius WML 720?
loud banging from inside drum when on 1200 spin...

How to remove pump cover on my boche logic 7?
I'm trying to un screw the pump cover on my boche logixx 7 it goes fro...

Mike Gallagher

Can I fix aq113D 6971?
I have the above model Hotpoint Aqualtis, recently on a few programme...

Richard S

Stopped working?
I left my washing machine working properly when I checked it had stopp...


How can I fix my washing machine?
My washing machine is the aqualtis hotpoint the lights are flashing sa...


hotpoint extra 742 f6 fault on?
is f6 an electrical fault can I fix it my self...


How can I fix Bosch Classixx 1200 Express?
Turn programme to 40. Machines starts to fill. There are then 2 clicks...

David L

my hotpoint ultima won't start?
when I switch the machine on the lights come on and you can select a p...

Jon Padfield

Zanussi ZWD 1480 W Timeline 1489?
How do I remove filter.(bottom front right of machine). After unscrewi...


classixx 1200 express?
Although motor sounds as if it's running last spin does not activate...


Error keeps flashing on control panel?
Error keeps flashing on control panel temperature lights and wash time...


Hot point Aquarius wf541?
Hi my washing machine starts fills even spins but then lights start fl...


How to open door f6 flashing lights?
My aqualtis washing machine saying f6 and all the lights are flashing ...

Robert brown

Excessive cycle time Classixx6 1200express?
Washing cycle is taking approx. twice as long as it used to do. Class...

B. Forman

f21 flashing bosch classxx6?
f21 flashing on display bosch classxx6 1400 express...

R Carr

Start/stop & spin end buttons flashing on Bosch Logixx7 wash?
Can anyone help fix my Bosch Logixx7 washing machine out it on this mo...


how can i fix my hoover performa 1100 washing machine?
my hoover performa 1100 goes through a cycle but the water does not ge...

w crew

My Zanussi Aquacycle 1300 will not open. Any ideas why?
My machine stopped working mid spin cycle and made a buzzing noise. I ...

Joanna Miller

8e1 code wf45h6300ag?
there is a red light on the main circuit board is it bad?...


Fault on hot point WMF720?
Washing machine paused shortly after starting After pressing the paus...


Faslt on hot point WMF720?
Hi my machine has paused not long into a wash flashing F6, after press...


how can i fix my hotpoint aqualtis aq9d692u?
i have a f12 code come up what does this mean on an hotpoint aqualtis ...

peter moore

The pump on my washing machine work even though theres power?
Hi, the pump on my washing machine fails to turn even though there's p...

Neville Massey

noise in my bosch classixx 6 w/machine?
theres a uniform clicking noise coming from the machine when drum rota...


Hotpoint aquarius Hello, electronic 800 plus 9518?
My washing machine drum is pouring water I opened it and check thinki...


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