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Categories > Electricals > Sewing Machines > Questions
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There are 32 questions in this category,
Sewing Machines.

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Fix Sewing Machines

how can I fix my sew-tric motor?
It runs for about five seconds and then trips the electricity. The bru...


assemble empisal 270D bobbin assembly?
can you help to show me how to reassemble my Empisal dressmaker 270D b...


e&r machines balance fault?
the machine switches between stiching and bobbin winding by its self. ...


Lervia kh4000 timing as thread won't pick up?
Please can anyone help I have a lervia kh4000 which requires the timin...

Lorraine pearson

Empisal Dress Maker 270d?
Can anyone please help me with the inside diagram for Empisal 270d the...


how can i set my hook tension?
the pring on my hook tension jumped out how do i fix it...


how can i fix e&r classic sewing machine?
My sewing machine turns its self off after useing for 5mins can any on...


rethread bobbin on e&r lc21?
the bobbin is full, I know how to insert it. how do I lead out the thr...


haw change bobin?
Change needle position on E&R Classic LC 21? I do not know how to ch...


easy stitch sewing machine?
easy stitch not picking up thread...


lervia sewing machine won,t pick up thread?
how to tighten timing on lervia sewing machine...


can you get free manual?
i need a jones vx540 manual as i dont know anything about sewing machi...

tara b

stuck clutch knob on Kenmore 1249?
The clutch knob on my Kenmore 1249 won't turn...


Husqvarna Viking foot control?
I have been given a Husqvarna Viking swing machine model no. 6440 whic...

Marian Kentfield

make stitches?
how do i make my sewing machine make stitches cuz it wont catch the ma...


how to repair kenmore20/15208 sewing maching?
my kenmore model#2o/15208 runs, but doe,s not stitch on any garment;co...


how to repair kenmore20/15208 sewing maching?
who in this world of info technological geekism can actually verbally ...

Giljaun D.58

how to repair kenmore20/15208 sewing maching?
my kenmore model#2o/15208 runs, but doe,s not stitch on any garment;co...


timing singer 834 sewing machine?
I have replaced the gears on wife's singer sewing machine 834. I now ...


Bobbin Singer #626 won't turn?
Hi! I have a Singer Touch and Sew #626 that I've never had a problem w...


sewing machine diagrames?
diagram of an old jones 674n sewing machines or simular models...


jones family sewing machine c s?
please help me. my mum has given me a old jones family cylinder shuttl...


singer sewing machine 466 stylist?
fitted new vertcal gear & drive belt need to know how to retime with s...


My e&r lc21 will not pick up the bottom thread?
My sewing machine will not pick up thread from the bobbin. I have trie...


bobbin case keeps popping out?
When I embroider on my Singer Futura SES1000 embroidering machine my b...

Norma Acevedo

small belt?
I am looking for small motor belt part # 10366 for my mongomery ward ...

meena patel

lervia kh 4000. new .not picking bottom thread?
i have just opened my new sewing machine & started to thread to sew, i...


457 timing?
How do I retime a 457...


Change needle position on E&R Classic LC 21?
I do not know how to change needle position on this machine, hence th...


How old is 347 singer?
When was Singer 347 made...


Should you attempt to oil a Singer 7422?
Should you attempt to oil a new Singer 7422 sewing machine or are they...


singer 2010 bobbin problem?
Singer 2010 bobbin winds under the bobbin. Can sometimes make it wind...


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Sewing Machines

Fix Sewing Machines

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