How can I mend my Seal RL918 Lamination machine?

I have a seal RL918 laminator. The Lamination sheets got jammed and stalled out the motor, which caused the fuse to blow in the power supply. I replaced the fuse but rollers won't turn. If I remove t ... more


VAT rate change?

Hi, How do you change the VAT rate ? On Sam4s ER5200 Samsung Er5100 Thanks


My Ryman 500M Crosscut Shredder keeps seizing up?

Anyone got an image of the underside of a Ryman 500m crosscut shredder showing the cutting discs?

Casio seg1?

I tipped water on my Casio cash register and now it’s printing black sheets


Where is the x on the till


Sam4s er5200m Cash register?

Hi I have a Sam4s er5200m Till when I try and do an X or Z reading it comes up with error code E20 - REQ. DECLARATION. can anyone help as in what to do. Purchased 2nd hand have cleared all memories ... more

Olivetti ecr 100ev?

Olivetti ECR 100EV cash drawer does not always pop out when it should. Can I clean inside perhaps, it is very old.

Samsung 6500 cash register?

I am trying to program tax on Samsung 6500 cash register but I keep getting bad flow code

Reprogram geller AX cash register?

can i reprogramme my geller ax 100 register