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Categories > Vehicles > Vans > Questions
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There are 1787 questions in this category,

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Fix Vans

how to remove a broken key out of the barrel?
snapped key in ignition barrel.vauxhall vivaro van...

bob | Great Britain (UK)

citroen dispatch leaking side loading door?
My Citroen Dispatch side loading door leaks. It is as if it doesn't cl...

Seanck | Great Britain (UK)

timing marks?
Can some one give the cam belt timing marks on an 02 vwLT 35 diesel va...

nick | Great Britain (UK)

Checking timing belt/pump Peugeot Boxer 2.4?
1997 Peugeot Boxer minibus2.4 non turbo diesel.72,000 miles. Is it po...

Michael Martin | France

my 2004 trafic van makes a sqeaking sound when stearing?
My 2004 renault trafic 2.5 van makes a sqeaking sound when stearing i....

chris | Great Britain (UK)

how to change diesel injector pump ldv 2.5 diesel?
how do i change the diesel injector pump on ldv 400 1995 2.5 diesel...

steve | Great Britain (UK)

How can I fix my citroen 1.9d dispatch?
The van stopped starting about a week ago. Somedays it starts straigh...

Birdy | Great Britain (UK)

Iveco Dialy wont start?
I have a 2002 iveco daily that wont start, when I turn on the ignition...

Dan | Great Britain (UK)

just put a cluch and slave in box but cant get all the gears...

antony | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my Citroen dispatch 1.9 D 2002 engine?
it is DW8 engine lose power & gets noisy comes & go...

Trevor | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my heater blower on my berlingo van t reg 1997?
how can i fix my heater blower on my berlingo van t reg 1997...

pete | Great Britain (UK)

How do I fit a heater matrix on a citreon berlingo van 1.9 d?
How do I fit a heater matrix on a citreon berlingo 1.9 diesel van. w ...

Sandy | Great Britain (UK)

Iveco 75E15 lost power and now wont start?
Hi, my 75e15 has been running fine for ages, then it developed a vib...

dansoarr | Great Britain (UK)

i have a problem?
my boxer van w reg,iheard a knocking-grinding sound from the engine,wh...

peter kerslake | Great Britain (UK)

Air in diesel line?
Put a new pump on a LDV 54 disel Pick up, Becauseof air. After fitting...

Melvin | Great Britain (UK)

where are the start relays and fuses on a 2l transit?
my 2000 2ltr ford transit diesel turns over has fuel at the injectors ...

stuart | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix indicators on ldv van?
which fuse controls indicators on ldv maxus van 06 plate...

marc head | Great Britain (UK)

where is the clutch adjuster on a nissan primastar 53 plate?
nissan primastar 53 plate . Where is the clutch adjuster and will i n...

sparky | Great Britain (UK)

horn on ldv van stopped working?
the fuse for my wipers blew and since then the horn has stopped workin...

teezee | Great Britain (UK)

peugoet partner van headlight fault?
Headlights would go off when braking or jolting van - now they wont co...

Jamie field | Great Britain (UK)

fuel pump citroen berlingo y reg?
when driving van surges forward and judders. I have been told it could...

Tucker | Great Britain (UK)

nissan primaster?
I have a tappet noise when i lift off the throttle between 2000 and 30...

Rob Stephenson | Great Britain (UK)

starter motor wont turn?
starter motor wont turn dosnot even click...

derek freeland | Great Britain (UK)

How can i remove air stuck in clutch system?
Ihave a Nissan Primastar 1.9 (2006) The local mechanic removed air fr...

Steevo | Canada

my stop warning light is flashing...

rob irving | Great Britain (UK)

vauxhall combo 1998?
van will start and only idle but will not accelerate...

ken | Great Britain (UK)

vauxhall combo van 2002?
vauxhall combo van 2002 wont start with out insrutmental lights on wha...

lee | Great Britain (UK)

iveco 65c15 Central locking?
hello my central locking does not work by key locks or remote any idea...

gary | Great Britain (UK)

LDV Maxus 2.5 diesel 2007. Non start!!!!!!!!!?
Van wont start after an accident, no damage to engine. if you prime th...

Ian M | Bosnia and Herzegovina

van wont start?
got an air lock in diesle how do i get it out...

stuart | Great Britain (UK)

van wont start?
Tried to start my van and wouldnt go after some advice realised, when ...

stuart | Great Britain (UK)

diesel glo supply not comong on?
Vehicle has been stood over winter. On trying to start, glo circuit no...

ted myers | Great Britain (UK)

VW LT35 temp gauge always moving up and down?
my lt35 has a prob with the temp gauge rising up when driving even wen...

Tim | Great Britain (UK)

how do i know which one has gone?
had a clutch one minute then had none...

steve | Great Britain (UK)

cam & crankshaft pick up sensors?
i cant syncronis cam & crankshaft sensors peugeot expert 2.0 16 valve ...

lee helps | Great Britain (UK)

LDV 400 (1995) dashboard lights not coming on?
The steering lock was on and with key came off, and now the dashboard ...

Terry | Great Britain (UK)

vauxhall combo?
van wont start. all lights on the dash work just wont turn over. tried...

ned | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my vauxhall movano 2.2 dti 2001?
stop and oil lights come on together checked oil, level is good lights...

paul | Great Britain (UK)

squeeling in my citroen relay?
had the turbo changed but it still squeels with acceleration...

gareth | Great Britain (UK)

vauxhall movano 2004 cdti?
clutch pedal sinks to the floor on a long run needs to be pumped to ge...

russell | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my ldv maxus?
many van wobbles/ shudders when i accelarate from about 40 to 60 mph. ...

steve | Great Britain (UK)

mercedes sprinter 311 2006 lwb?
how can i replace the side loading door handle which snapped of...

john | Great Britain (UK)

how to reset the LPG upso/opso valve on a citrone berlingo?
I have a duel fuel petrol/lpg citrone berlingo van. Sometimes the lpg ...

Robin Nixon | Great Britain (UK)

how do I fix the ecu not got an egr seems the ecu is looking for it...

Jenny | Great Britain (UK)

renault traffic service light?
How do i re set the service light on my 2007 renault trafic 115 dci...

john c | Great Britain (UK)

remove offside driveshaft berlingo?
having freed the outer drivshaft from the hub,how do i get the inner s...

sparvan | Great Britain (UK)

renualt traffi 02 1.9?
wont start stop light on, comes on when tring 2 start not even firerin...

adam | Great Britain (UK)

central locking on merc van?
central locking on my mercedes vito 112cdi 2002 is playing up the driv...

spenny | Great Britain (UK)

Vito van seats?
Hi all, Has anyone tried to change the drivers seat to a comfortab...

yammydodger | Great Britain (UK)

iveco daily?
how to change gearchange cables, specificly how to remove the plastic ...

pedro | Great Britain (UK)

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