How to tether my s20 plus pro to my pc with usb?

can anyone help please, i want to tether my samsung s20 plus pro to my personal computer via a usb lead but have no idea how to set it up. ive had it tethered via my samsung A40 but that mobile is ... more


Display very faded?

Panasonic cordless phone. All of a sudden, the display is very, very dim, almost unreadable. I always hang up the phone on the charger, and a video says I should replace the batteries and not always ... more

Fix answer machine number?

deleted voice mail number how do i retrieve it? durabrand phone PH5595[hac]


Unlock orange san francisco?

how do i unlock my san francisco


Bt 4600 phone?

Hi, I have a problem buzzing, I moved the phone from near the tv but it has not helped. I can’t answer it I have to end calls. Any ideas please, also I’ve had bt out and they checked all lines and ... more


BT handset phone - Fix blank screen?

bt handset phone screen/ display go blank: i.e. it lights up and i can make and receive calls as normal but the data is not visible on the screen. Tx for yr help.

Samsung curve?

Forgot my password for my Samsung curve


How can i get my handset to speak with the caller?

I have a BT4600 system with 2 handsets. the batteries are fine in the handsets. however one of the handsets i can hear the caller ok. but the caller cannot hear me speaking. The other handset works ... more