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Categories > Vehicles > Vans > Questions
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Fix Vans

how do i remove air box from renault kangoo 1.9 diesel?
i want to change glow plugs but cant get airbox off...

stephen | Great Britain (UK)

renault kangoo 03, windscreen wipers not working.?
renault kangoo van 03 model, slow & intermittant wiper speeds not work...

ray davies | Great Britain (UK)

loss of power and white smoke?
i have loss of power and white smoke from my ford transit p100. 1999 ...

mr alexander dickinson | Great Britain (UK)

Glo plug light not working sometimes?
The dashboard glo plug light does not always come on. Van (Escourt55) ...

Richard | Great Britain (UK)

how do i replace front brake pads on 1997 astra van?
how do i replace front brake pads on 1997 astra van...

julie | Great Britain (UK)

door sensors 2009 iveco turbo daily?
where is the door open/closed sensor for the side loading door? ever s...

JK vanman | Great Britain (UK)

my vauxhall movano cuts out...

jon | Great Britain (UK)

why does my movano keeps cutting out after 4 minutes then wont start...

jon | Great Britain (UK)

Wot is this fault light?
I have an 02 plate transit. A red light flashes on the dash. It has an...

Dale | Germany

replacing fuses for right hand side side lights?
where is the fuse box, on the ford transit van tcdi 08 plate, for repl...

garry | Great Britain (UK)

ldv maxus 05?
i have just purchased my van and i am having trouble getting the gears...

ann | Great Britain (UK)

Interior lights stuck on in 06 Ford Transit 85 T260?
The fuse had blown on my interior lights. After changing the fuse ever...

Gareth | Great Britain (UK)

rear light indecator on ford escort van?
ford escort van rear light indecator keep flashing very fast...

paul | Great Britain (UK)

are renault gearboxes PF1019 & PF1AA019 compatible?
are renault master gearboxes PF1019 & PF1AA019 compatible?...

bahit | Kazakhstan

vectra steering lock & ignition barrel?
I'm trying to change the ignition barrel but now the steering lock is ...

Malc | Great Britain (UK)

what other gearbox fits boxer 1.9 diesel w reg?
cant get second or third gear when driving will go in second if stoped...

lawrence | Great Britain (UK)

fix side & tail lights?
My side & tail lights are out on my ford transit 51 plate checked fus...

Arthur Mackay | Great Britain (UK)

citreon relay mk 2 2002 not starting on key?
fitted new steering lock now wont start on key power drops when key tu...

terry bonner | Europe

Where is speedometer connection in Vauxhall Vivaro Van?
Speedometer is not working on van recently purchased by me. How do I f...

Sad Vivavro Man | Great Britain (UK)

do i need to recode.?
i have a 55td escort van on an "S" plate but the injector pump has gon...

paul | Great Britain (UK)

mercede sprinter van?
ive lost my van keys just to my back door ive got the one that drives ...

bobby | Great Britain (UK)

transit headlight problem?
t350 2002 transit. o/s dip light failed last week on checking wire no ...

henrii | Great Britain (UK)

VW LT35 Immobilser Light Flashing?
Hi After connecting the towing electrics on my LT35 the immobiliser l...

Glenda | Great Britain (UK)

how to turn off the service light on ldv convoy?
i have a 03 ldv tipper and have just had it serviced but my mechanic d...

Paul Bradburn | Great Britain (UK)

how can i fix my citreon berlingo vans speedo?
how can i fix my citreon berlingo vans speedo, rev counter and engine ...

Jonny T | Great Britain (UK)

citreon relay?
my van makes a grinding noise when clutch isnt pressed.when clutch is ...

Craig | Great Britain (UK)

2003 313cdi mb sprinter?
van loses power 4 1 sec only when cold fault reads as crank sensor. re...

benw | Great Britain (UK)

what to do with my heaters escort diesel?
my heaters are warm one minute then they go cold does anyone no what c...

Janette | Great Britain (UK)

Mercedes-Benz Vito van 2001?
Could anyone help me my dashboard is flashing on/off and gauages popin...

chris | Ireland

horn not working?
i recently changed column (steering), since then horn not worked...

Gary Matthew Platt | Great Britain (UK)

starter clicking sound?
changed starters but still making a clicking sound and will notstart...

susan | Great Britain (UK)

where is preheater relay in citroen berlingo hdi?
where is preheater relay in citroen berlingo hdi....

steve | Great Britain (UK)

ldv maxus front break judder?
The steering wheel vibrates when braking at speed...

gam | Great Britain (UK)

How can i fix my citroen berlingo van?
if i go over 2000 revs it cuts out please help...

alison | Great Britain (UK)

Remote key fob will not work?
On pressing my key fob control for my 2003 Citroen Berlingo van this m...

Mark Wonnacott | Europe

where are the glow plugs on a renault kangoo van?
where are the glow plugs on a renault kangoo van...

phill | Germany

vauxhall vectra 1996 1.8 ls?
speedo not working but rev counter,pet gauge, tem gauge, working...

paul | Great Britain (UK)

how can i turn off my right indicator on my 03 vauxhall viva?
03 vauxhall vivaro i cannot turn off my right indicator...

kevin | Ireland

how can i fix my 03 renault vivaro?
the right indicator will not turn off how can i fix it 03 renault viva...

kevin | Ireland

How can I fix my o/s/f brake pipe ford ka?
I would like to change my o/s/f/ brake pipe myself but would like to k...

Ray Goodman | Great Britain (UK)

non start when cold iveco 35s11?
my van will not start when cold it will start with a wiff of easy sta...

Geoff | Great Britain (UK)

steering pull?
renault trafic 2001 van wanders when turbo cuts in...

martin | Great Britain (UK)

replacing rear light bulb on vauxhall vivaro?
do i have to remove compleate ass'y? if so how?...

Tony | Great Britain (UK)

vauxhall combo electric steering column?
you can pull the steering wheel in and out 1/2 an inch whats the fix...

bob | Great Britain (UK)

how can I fix my citroen berlingo speedo that is not working?
How can I fix my cirtoen berlingo van speedo that is not working and i...

martina smith | Europe

how to change heaterblower box?
how to change heater blower box on 2002 escort 55 van...

l ,croft | Great Britain (UK)

horn stopped working?
horn stopped working transit 2001,think its something to do with where...

skip2006 | Great Britain (UK)

ldv maxus edc light how do you reset.?
ldv maxus edc light came on and is now useing a lot of fuel how can i ...

Les | Great Britain (UK)

when removing the gearbox on the 1995 vw caravelle petrol do i need to...

andy | Great Britain (UK)

how can i solve a problem on my movano?
on my vauxhall movano van (1999) the engine oil is getting into the po...

j royle | Great Britain (UK)

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