Bt freeview box btet2110?

cant get sound or turn on or turn onby remote humex bte t2110 box bt channels workok tried to retune remote and box wont go to maintanance mode to reset. any idear?


Hard drive not working?

Can a Bush hard drive in a Bush 1000PVR, DVB535/T7655 be fixed?


Sagemcom DTR6400T is frozen?

Hi. I have a Sagemcom 6400T digital terrestrial receiver/ recorder. It is frozen and won't respond to the handset. The display shows 'unit' (?). Switching it off and on again just brings up the same m ... more


Sky HD + not receiving all channels?

My sky hd box has stopped receiving all channels, message ‘your sky + box isn’t getting a satellite signal’, tells me to press yellow button to fix but doesn’t. On setting signal drops to zer ... more


stargold sg-2200hd receiver?

i have this receiver and want to update the soft ware can i?

Scrambled sabc channels ?

My Philibao PH-5688 plus decoder does not show sabc chnanels it keeps on saying channels scrambled


Humax hdr repair?

Since we had a power cut my humax box isnt working as it should, i have to turn it off at the mains for the remote to work, but after a few minutes it stops again, and any recordings come up as a faul ... more

My unit is saying usb has been removed?

I can watch the T.V. station is in the display but the HD will not play back items that have been recorded. States usb has been removed. I don't understand


humax foxsat-hdr?

When pressing the "media" button. Requested screen comes up saying "please wait", Then the machine reboots itself, so I am unable to access any of my previous recordings.

How to replace fan in Humax 1010s?

The HDD in my Humax HDR-1010s failed and I think it overheated, the fan does not appear to work. Since the fan is thermostatically controlled it is difficult to be sure. Has anyone had the same probl ... more

bush dfta16 does have a hard drive? ?

How to record in bush dfta16 model?


Sky digitoxin remote ,flashing light all time?

Digibox remote will not work . Has flashing red light all the time and will not control box. Occasionally it will stop flashing and will operate as reguired for short while then back to flashing agai ... more


Satellite Receiver?

I got one h.264 mpge4/avc tv receiver which has ota is ok but fta is locked. Can we make ota receiver to fta reciver?

humax foxsat hdr repair?

Will not switch on or of.


Sky box red light wont go out and my remote only works the TV?

Tried batteries out etc but still didn't work so I pressed the Sky button and no 3 on the remote as my box is just the basic one and it is all back working again from one remote.

how can biss jey option?

biss jey Option

My sagem freesat hd TV receiver keeps rebooting?

When I turn on the receiver and the TV every thing appears to be normal. after atwo minutes the unit starts to reboot and continues with this action until I turn the receiver of



We are not getting any synopses, and have to keep switching box off. As we lose programs. Our box is Sky HD+ Thanks

it wont record?

my settop box keeps saying please format device everytime i try to record i format it and it says the same