Squeaky wooden stairs?

Squeaky wooden stairs


I need to move an entire engineered floor forward about an inch. Fully asse?

I have too sections of floors that the planks did not line up. I need to move a 144 sq ft section forward about an inch to line up with the planks in the other floor. It is not glued or stapled down. ... more

I have laminate flooring with raised edges (6 inches). They no longer make ?

I have laminate flooring with raised edges (6 inches) they no longer make this color flooring and the scrap I have is damaged on the edges. Is there a way to warm these edges and glue them down. t ... more

how can i fix my laminate floor?

My dog has peed in the same spot a few times on my laminate floor and I noticed that the edges of the laminate are curling up, is there a way to fix this without pulling the floor apart?


matt green slate laminate worktop?

Wanted matt green slate laminate worktop two 3 metre lengths 38mm x 610mm sold by howdens but now discontinued. new or used in good condition, or shorter lengths. extending kitchen. Sample piece of en ... more

how to clean laminated floor as dirty scratches fron open the door?

hi i have laminated in front hall and it has deep dirty scratches fron open the front door how to claen

how can i stop creeking floorboards ?

how can i sop my floorboards from creeking ?


Laminate flooring noise?

I bought a new house with a slap and the laminate flooring creaks when walked on and will make a loud popping noise with no one walking on it


laminate flooring?

i was on vacation during the heat wave, all my windows were cloused,when i came back , inoticed my wood floor was warp,is there a way fix it.

Laminate flooring?

We installed the flooring and drop a tool that left a deep gouge. We filled the gouge but it didn't match the color of the floor so we put stain over it and now you can see where the stain was put on, ... more


Why does my laminate flooring crackle?

We had floating laminate flooring installed 4 months ago and it has always crackled when we walk on it. Someone said give it a few months to settle but it has not made any difference. It was layed on ... more