why my new black and decker cordless drill 12v does not want to work


Where can I get JDB 180R replacement battery?

where can I get JDB 180R replacement battery?


How can I mend/replace my MAC Allister drill?

I have 4 sets of Mac Allister drills they all use batteries MBAT18-LI the Chargers are MC18BS-LI and the wire on them have all broken as it was just made of thin wire so not built to last. I can't fi ... more


How can i replace that thing?

ryobi pbp002 battery internal fuse, how can i replace that thing?


How can I fix a BOSCH AL2450 DV charger?

My Bosch AL2450 DV was dead. R3 was burnt so replaced 180K resistor. Now powers on and shows 41V output between + & - contacts. Also, between the + and NTC contact 36V, between the - and NTC contac ... more


Psb 24 ve-2?

the drill will only work when upside down, the battery is not the problem. bosch psb 24 ve-2

How to fix my Karcher pressure washer?

my Karcher pressure washer was working very well and it just stopped mid flow I replaced the plug fuse, but it still doesn't work Any ideas please email mf5

Drill manual?

can you tell me where i can get a user manual for this drill ..challenge extreme cd1218j


Hitachi Battery Charger 14.4 Volt UC 14 SD?

How can I fix my Hitachi battery charger 14,4v type UC14 SD When I dock the battery into the charger for my Hitachi drill, the glass tube fuse inside the base charger blows. I've checked that the f ... more


Type of fuse?

hitachi charger uc 14sd fuse do you use sloe blow or fast blow fuse

Sds drill?

MY FBH 620K SDS drill starts but when i apply any sort of pressure to the drill bit the motor cuts out. Any suggestions?

MacAllister cod 144v l10 drill?

Macallister 14.4v drill runs for a few seconds then stops ,batteries ok


Bosch PSB 24 VE-2 drill with AL 60 DV 2411 charger?

I have a Bosch PSB 24 VE-2 drill with an AL 60 DV 2411 charger. The last time I charged the battery it showed as fully charged, but although the drill was trying to rotate it would not work. I am uns ... more


Hedge trimmer Battery Charger not working?

I have a Ryobi charger BCL 14181H which is not showing any lights and not charging. I had left it unplugged but with a battery in it? Any easy fixes? Battery is RB18L15. It is for a hedge trimmer.

Makita 6408 drill chuck?

Hello, The keyless chuck on my Makita 6408 was jammed open, I couldn't loosen it with my hands. I held the static plastic with adjustable pliers and with another adjustable pliers gripped the plastic ... more


Ryobi charger not fully functioning?

My Ryobi charger is still in the middle red charging state and will not go into the green fully charged mode.It's a p-117 18 volt. A new charger not a year old even

How can I repair my B&D drill?

I have a B&D model KR700 CRE 13 mm variable speed hammer drill which works very well except the Twistlock Plus keyless chuck now will not tighten or loosen on a drill. This is because the plastic chuc ... more

JCB cordless drill battery jcbd-24csds?

Hi, where can I get a battery JCBD-24CSDS cordless hammer drill.?


Power breaker question?

how do i change the brushes on a pbx1000rhd

Hitachi dv18dcl2?

how to remove a chuck