How to release tensioner and change drive belt on sander Pa?

How to release tensioner and change drive belt on sander Parkside PEBS 900SE


Black and decker sander cd 400 motor is dying no power?

black and decker sander cd 400 motor is dying no power.

Looking for parts?

Hi there, i have a Ferm Belt Sander, the small cog wheel which drives the belt has fallen apart, any ideas wear to get one from. 730680. Thanks.


How can I get it working again please?

Hi my mouse sander won't start after using it on some wooder slices seemed to back fire and stop.


Want sanders discs?

powercraft belt sander 950w model PBS-950N want sanders

Bosch pda 100 sander?

My bosch pda sander will not vibrate the pad motor slipping can it be repaired

How can I fix my belt sander?

I have a Ferm bench top belt sander which seams to have stopped working. I noticed a slight electrical burning smell when I was using it and when I returned to use it again there was a humming sound a ... more

dust bag?

where can i get a dust collection bag for my toledo sander

FERM belt slipping?

The belts on my FERM FBDS350 have started to slip and stall when sanding. Motor keeps going but the belts stop. Even new belts. I can't see any way of adjusting the pulley, other than the centering ad ... more


Parkside orbital sander PES 600?

How do you remove the sanding pad. Is there a trick to it?


Parkside Orbital sander?

I’ve broken the plastic container that catches the dust on my Parkside orbital sander,can I buy a spare somewhere pls?

PES 600 Parkside Orbital Sander?

I am after a rubber base plate for a Parkside PES 600 Orbital Sander, can anybody help?


rally orbital sander sku 973048?

it works some times then it will stop give it light hit it will start again then stop and buzz then hit it again starts again some times it will go fast then some times goes slow


Overheating belt sander?

I have had a Ryobi EBS-8021V Belt Sander for several years - good tool it has been. Yesterday the motor sound changed; the machine became VERY hot; and I found flakes of plastic inside the drive belt ... more

Dust bag?

I'm looking for dust bag for a power craft pbs-800 hope you can help. Neil.

base of sander has broken off?

base for holding sandpaper pad has broken

powercraft pbs-950 belt sander?

want dust bag for above


Power Craft 2408 950W Belt Sander?

Where can I obtain a replacement dust bag for my PBS 950 Belt Sander as mine has disintegrated. Serial No. 0800424B/2008


Replacing rubber sanding pad ?

I have a Powercraft pos-450 1/2 sheet sander. although it still runs fine , the rubber pad that the sanding sheet attaches to has worn away from the metal baseplate. is it possible to get a replacemen ... more


Where can I get a drive belt for a FERM belt sander FBS-1000?

where can i get a drive belt for a ferm belt sander fbs-1000