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Logik 2gb mp4 player l2gmp409?

Hello, I have a 'LOGIK 2GB MP4 Player L2GMP409'. I have plugged it into my laptop then tried to remove the music and things stored onto it, I tried this but it did not work, it said that an 'error' ha ... more


Charger for MP3 Classic Model: FIR - 410?

charger for MP3 Classic Model: FIR - 410


Iitronics IMP 65 wont power on - How to recover files?

My iItronics IMP 65 Mp3 Player is completely dead. Computer wont recognise it. Can the files be recovered?

Stop cd from jumping?

how to stop cd from jumping on my hitachi ax-m76 have tried cleaning disc

Blaupunkt car 2003?

Hi. On a Blaupunkt car2003 model, i try to set the code, but it's not working. Any help?


CD player?

technics stereo system model sl-pj38a cd drawer not opening

Hitachi ax-m84?

Hi the cd door on my hitachi ax-m84 is stuck open. Do you know how to fix this