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Safety light flashing?

henderson sprint s550n garage door opener safety light flashing what is wrong?


Power craftmodel no lk723?

where can i get a power craft cordless staple and nail gun 18 volt 1.3 battery model no LK 723


How can I mend my Triton T80 shower?

how to remove distribution valve on Triton T80 shower?


How can I mend the broken cord on my velux skylight?

The cord that opens/closes my velux skylight window has broken and I can't open/close it. The window is outside the 10 year warranty. Many thanks in advance for any help on this. Petrina


Kaoyi KFD 515s dimmer switch?

I need a Kaoyi KFD 515s dimmer switch? Where can I find this?


Chime Unit continuously bleeping?

I have a Uni-Com 66071 door bell. After recent power failure the plug in chime just continuously bleeps. Any Ideas?

How do I open a stuck Velux blind?

My Velux blind is completely stuck at the bottom --how do I open it ?

Woodchip paper sanding?

How do I sand over old wood chip paper


Spare battery?

Can I get a battery for performance power cordless hammer drill PHD18-2B


Toilet cistern reassembly?

Laufen Gallery toilet cistern

Macdee cistern inlet valve?

Can I get washers for my Mac Dee inlet valve