Riser recliner chair fault?

Hi the riser motor for foot rest is out of sync, loosened it off to sort something else on chair, the chair is a Sherborne rise and recliner dual motor

Parker knoll manhattan recliner?

My wife stepped oh a trailing lead whilst moving Parker knoll recliner and ripped the 3 way connector from the cable leading to the motor. I had to cut off the 3 way connector which left me with two ... more

How can I plug in my recliner?

How can I find the mechanism to plug in a berkline recliner? I am missing the connection to the wall outlet only. It was manufacture in 2001.


Miele cva 620-1?

hi my miele cva620-1 in the service test does not turn the grinder on when i press small coffee button and when i press the hotwater button displays number 5.is this a issue even though the grinder ru ... more

Where to purchase a nut for garden chair bolt?

I have a Winchester garden furniture which is quite old 5 years approx. One of the adjustable arm securing bolt has lost it’s nut. Where can I purchase these please


Footrest not rising on Sherborne rise/ recliner?

Hi. The footrest no longer rises on my Mum's Sherborne Keswick dual motor riser/ recliner. The back still goes down and up, the chair rises to full eject position. Hand set still functions, though if ... more

Sliding door problems?

i have a NEFF sliding pantry / larder unit that keeps opening / sliding open by itself does this on a daily basis, sometimes 2 or 3 time one after the other, any ideas

How do I get adapter Lazy Boy LZMO2H Relaxor serial 052846?

Need adapter for lazy boy model LZMO2H Relaxor serial 052846

BarcaLounger recliner, style #7-4404?

Very nice chair, in great condition, but it seems to have been built for a much taller, heavier person. It reclines nicely, but when pressed into FULL recline, it bounces right back into partial recli ... more

Wiring on a simplicity chair lift chair?

HI in moving process a wire got disconnected on my Handi care simplicity stairlift chair 930 and having trouble reconnecting it. I have looked the net for info and not getting any. I need a symati ... more