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With the gas service valve isolated, the gas test holds. Once the valve is turned on it drops even though the controls aren’t calling for heat/ hot water. Can the main gas valve be locked open? Itâ ... more


Comfort zone?

electric cord replacement

Firebird super Q 50/82?

Hi I have a firebird super Q 50/82 indoor boiler just serviced fires up no prob initially with the normal boost but then stays loud


Worx trimmer head removal?

how do I remove worx string trimmer head?


Britony Combi Se boiler 40 & 80 lights flashing?

I don't have heating or hot water. How do I fix it please? Could this have been caused by the water to my caravan being turned off for the winter? Thanks


Ideal Isar H30?

Ideal Isar H30(2008 model) The pre heat is now kicking in every 25/30 mins and the boiler heats up very quickly, this use to come on every 45/50 mins.