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Worcester boiler dripping water?

Worcester boiler dripping water, can I just tight the screw? The icon next to the valve looks like radiators? last months I didn't use it as I wasn't home. see the pic:: https://photos.app.goo.gl ... more


Vaillant ecotec 831 plus?

Following a F22 fault where we had no heating and only cold water from the hot water tap, I topped up the system, but went to far the needle went into the red. I bled the radiators to reduce the pres ... more


Remove boiler cover?

how can i remove the front cover of my ideal logic boiler?


Siemens RDJ10RF thermostat problem?

My temp is showing on the reciever alot higher than it actually is & each time I turn the temp up to get the heating to come on the temp on the reciever increases to just below that temp causing the h ... more


Boiler cycle?

My boiler only fires up for about 90 seconds greenstar 4000


Daewoo hea1130 model 7 fin?

we have a daewoo 7 fin oil heater and its just stopped working..fuse is good. how can i fix it

Firebird Combi?

Firebird had low pressure - have got pressure back up but now won't start - have tried reset button but no joy