Clavinova 209?

My clavinova 209 lost sound in the right channel, some on built in speakers and headphones. Anything I could try myself?

Technics SX-PR603, edelp for repair?

Technics SX-PR603, by turning on the piano, the display goes off with only the backlight on (blank blue flashing screen), and no sound is produce, no sound in the headphone too, Ca you help!


No sound?

RaidoShack MD-1121 61 Key Electronic Keyboard I have it, it turns on but none of the buttons seem to work anymore cannot get any sound not sure how to get it to work again


Radio Shack md 1121 no sound when pressing keys?

my radio shack md1121 turns on, lights up, but no sound as I press the keys. I can hear the speakers when I turn it on and off.

How can i repair my Starlite hihat symbols?

the high hat symbols on my set have been abused to a warping, not flat state and do not seat together when closed ??? is ther a way to flatten the symbols to meet? or just loosen the wallet and buy a ... more

Technics SX-PX554 no sound?

My Technics SX-PX554 digital piano stopped producing sound. Lights are still on, and all the functions seem normal. Much loved instrument. Please help. Mark