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How can I fix my Vivitar Digital?

I have letters MDSC show in the color blue on my camera screen, and nothing I'm doing will remove it. My camera is a Vivitar model 7022' what can I do?


Canon powershot a75?

Recently got an old canon powershot a75, One from the 2000s. Everything seems to be functioning perfectly fine besides the fact that it’s actually not capturing any image, it’s just black and I’ ... more


San disk media card?

my smart media card metal tabs has broken off and is lose can i get the card repaired. it is a 64 extreme pro san disk card

How can i make trv 320e lights on the playback work?

i have a Sony trv 320e the lights on the tape cover that does the play back went out and the eject button doesn't work now... i pulled the cover off and the plate that keeps it all together and with i ... more

Video cam Display & Viewer probl?

Panasonic NV GS 400 video cam display & viewfinder are blank

Tape won't load into UC2000e?

My Cannon UC 2000e will not accept a tape. The tape carriage won't close properly with a tape inserted. It's OK without a tape.

Any solutions?

my olympus fe 4000 wont take any pictures and is just showing a black screen. how can i fix that?

How can I mend my Canon E520 comcorder?

How can I mend my Canon E520 camcorder - won't load tape - tape door does not close completely when tape is inserted (tape door goes in but does not close down, then door pops open again)- closes fine ... more

Video camcorder has cassette eject problem?

sony handicamera trv68 model video camera, i would rate as excellent for nature. wild life ie: i take video vs.shooting the deer. but my foot accidemtly caught electr. charging cord and fell about 2 f ... more


Jvc camcorder condensation problem?

My jvc camcorder has a condensation, operation paused, an solutions? JVC GR-D20EK


How can I mend my samsung VP-DC161 DigitalCam?

my samsung VP-DC161 DigitalCam, approx 12 years old and unused for much of that time seems to want to work ok, but will not recognise any disc. can anyone offer a solution?

Finepix s9500 camera?

how do I replace the battery compartment of my finepix s9500 camera

Battery door on my camera?

Battery door on my Fuji FinePix S 700 camera is broken hoe do I fix it.

Broken component in Panasonic NB-DS65B?

Panasonic NV-DS65B. Purchased as Christmas present in 2003. Last used approx 3yrs ago, stored in its carry bag away from excess heat, cold or damp. All batteries replaced as indicated on screen. My e ... more

How to fix sony trv212 tape sticking?

Tried taping the camer but it still will not eject the tape. Any other suggestions?

MV530I Camcorder Fault?

After turning on my MV530i Camcorder, I can access the memory card, but when I switch to camera, the red onboard power light flashes quickly to no power, and I cannot access the camera. Any ideas? ... more

Sanyo VM-EX25P unraveling tapes?

Hey I have a Sanyo VM-EX25P, in lockdown decided to digitise the tapes so managed to get about 2 hours done. Now when you put a tape in and press play rewind etc, it just unravels the tape slightly ... more

Sprocket teeth not engaging on projector?

Sprocket teeth do not engage with film

no view through viewfinder ?

can watch recorded material but no view throgh wiewfinder when on camera