How can i mend my Fitbit Versa 1 smartwatch?

How can I replace the battery in my Fitbit Versa 1? I have had it for some years and the battery is beginning to fail.

Talking Watch not working?

Tavistock & Jones Radio Controlled Talking Watch, Model No EL3213. I have had the above watch for 20 months. It was working perfectly until the watch started running slow, an indication the battery ... more


Replace bulb on Kundo Space Timer?

How can I replace bulb on Kundo Space Timer

Clock not working?

My klik radio controlled alarm clock was showing the wrong time so I changed the battery, the hand started going round but then stopped, I changed the battery again but nothing!! Any suggestions?


Model 89 al I think Seth ThomasD?

Have a mantle clock. Cleaned it and put it back together . It ran for a day and then when I had to move it to another location it will only run for short periods of time. What needs adjusted? I have i ... more


Battery dies within hours?

Have an old Adidas 10-0091 Referee watch. Have replaced battery several times, but last change wore out battery within hours. Tried multiple battery replacements, even left out of case to ensure but ... more



How do i increase the volume on a Tavistock and Jones watch


Wuersch chime clock?

when hour number of chimes do not coincide with actual hour


How can I correct the time on my Tavistock & Jones P009307 w?

my watch is 10 minutes or so fast - how can i re-set it? it is a Tavistock & Jones P009307

Quick chiming?

pendulum clock chimes to quickly, how do I slow it down?


Tavistock & jones(4867?

I have a steel solar world time radio controlled watch (4867), and it is running 90 minutes fast. I don't have any instructions to put it right. Tavistock & jones.Two buttons. The year 2013.


How do I set The amp button on my George watch?

How do I set The amp button on my George watch


How do we change country on speaking clock?

How do we change country, the time is correct but the talking watch quotes the time in Japan, we are in the UK.