Corby 7700?

my press doesn’t get hot anymore

Hollow boot heel?

I bought a pair of ladies boots. They fit fine but when I got home to wear them around I realized the sole is hollow and makes my walk unsafe and wobbly. The local shoe store won't help. Can u help?

How to repair a hole in legging s from american giant?

how to repair a hole in stretch leggings?

Snaps get stuck?

The snaps on my husbands raincoat are hard to unsnap. He has a difficult time without help. Is there something we can put on the snaps to make this easier?

How can I fix a reverse problem in my sewing machine?

I have a problem with my sewing machine singer 188u it's stuck on reverse.... How do I fix this problem Thank you

Corby 7700 trouser press?

Replace pad Corby trouser press


the threading on my suede coat by the zipper is coming off ?

At the bottom of the zipper where you put the two pieces together is coming unstitched. It's the tooth part. What can I do to fix it. A lot of the shoe places have closed.

Reducing Waist size in mens trousers?

How to reduce waist size by pleating above rear trouser pockets


how can I fix a cigarette burn in a fleece?

How can I fix a cigarette burn in a fleece blanket


repair suit pants?

suit pants has " L ' shape tare caught on nail-- -how to fix it?

How to fix a vertical rip in corduroy pants?

So, I seem (no pun intended) to have a penchant for getting vertical rips/tears in my corduroy pants, usually to the left of the zipper fly in the front of the pants. I don't want to throw them away, ... more

how old is an 1/2 oz container of heddy fabric mending adhesive?

I have a 1/2oz container of fabric mending adhesive in perfect condition how old would this be?


New Foam for Corby Press?

I have a Corby 7700 trouser press, the foam is shot so I got a replacement from Corby but what should be a simple job to replace seems to require a qualified engineer/electrician - anyone have a simpl ... more

Kenmore 30 sewing machine puckers fabric in reverse, why?

Why does me Kenmore 30 sewing machine want to pucker the fabric when its in reverse?

How can I buy replacement trouser pockets the right size?

I've seen several ads for replacement sew-on, or iron-on trouser pockets, but none show the sizes. I want replacements for gents trouser pockets with maximum dimensions 6 inches wide by maximum drop o ... more