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Mist does not come out?

how to fix my russel hobbs mist 18" fan if the mist does not come out model no RHMF10

Remove fan?

How to remove the fan of rowenta compact line 2200?

Where is circuit breaker on unit located?

Where is the circuit breaker for 2008 Amish Heat Surge unit located? No button on upper back left. I can find new breaker to replace if current one is bad....but want to see if reset works 1st. IF ca ... more


Delonghi DEH 10 Fan/motor replacement part required?

Delonghi DEH 10 dehumidifier. I need to replace the fan assy but can't find the style that is fitted. It seems to be a complete fan assembly that does not come apart. Fan motor is part of an "X" type ... more


WDH-610HA not starting?

Dehumidifier WDH-610HA Green light on turn dial to start normal motor try’s to start then stops

Ro enta ProMaster iron?

Rowenta leak repair

Ebac 2250e not working and icing up?

Ebac 2250e stops working and is icing up. Apparently the sensor has failed. is this a home replacement option or do I write it off. EWbac want £90 to repair it. thanks


Window Air Conditioner Squeaks in the Wind?

I have a fairly new 6,000 BTU Frigidaire Gallery AC. It works beautifully and is very quiet when it runs. I live on the 6th floor of a NYC apartment building and when it is very windy outside the AC ... more


How can I mend my silver crest fan heater?

How can I mend my silver crest fan heater


Evantair wdh-610ha?

Power to unit but does not operate. Bucket empty, filter clean. Remove bucket press switch and it turns on


Ebac 2650 e?

My Ebac 2650 e is not collecting water ,the fan is working as is the freezer unit but the heating element is switching on

How to get covers off Delonghi DEMO10 de-hum?

How do i get the front cover off a Delonghi DEM10, are there some hidden screws. So far takem 2 out of back, 2 from side and 2 from control panel.

HD 220/320 Control panel?

the dials on the control panel spin round without any control of the type of heat nor adjust the humidity. All power is off. HD 220/320


Ebac 2650 dehumidifier suddenly very noisy

Ebac 2650be dehumidifier?

my ebac 2650e ices up even when ambient temp is well over 20 deg c. could you please tell my why and how do i fix it ?