Carl Lewis treadmill?

Which faulty motor board components usually cause E01 on Carl Lewis treadmill
Tony Smith, January 2024

error e01 means an electrical malfunction.

this could be in any of the connectors,

you need to check all terminals out.

remove right handle and inside you'll see where the wire comes up from the power source - make sure the joining terminals are tight.

remove the screw from under the sensors on handles - ease out sensor unit with a flat screwdriver - check terminals are tight undeneath - do this both sides.

Look under machine - see where cables lead up into handles - check the connections here -

look behind display unit - check connections.

remove black plastic motor cover (unplug unit from wall first) - two screws each side -

on the circuit board you will see two pairs of red/black power leads - push tight -

there are five other removeable white connectors - some have glue on them - again check tightness

if none of this works (as in my case) carl lewis fitness say it's probably circuit board - new one costs £50 delivered - easy swap 0845 603 4120

Chfddy, January 2024
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