Delta fitness capricorn pulley system?

hi I'm struggling to work the pulley system on e delta fitness capricorn multi gym. Can anyone help please?

Carl Lewis treadmill?

Which faulty motor board components usually cause E01 on Carl Lewis treadmill


New control / potentio conection?

Hello, I bought a new controller for my mocad (no break). From my potentiometer, four wires come off. The new controller has only three inputs. Which one should I use now and where. A schematic is not ... more


Purchase a replacement part?

Where can I purchase a red safety key for a Sportscraft TX2.5 treadmill?


What can i do to fix it the number 3 show up?

my tx335 sportcraft theard mill run about 7 seconds then it will stophow c


730 si error code 04 and 02?

my Pro Form SI treadmill now starts slow - then jerks the belt - then maybe repeats - tne stops with an error code of 04 - sometimes 02... help out there.... tx, eric model: 831297741

CSA Alpine Tracker?

Anybody know where i can get 8 wheels for a CSA Alpine Tracker exercise machine ? Model # E220.....


Fix treadmill?

What does E4 mean and how do I fix it on the Sears Freespirit 122 300800 treadmill please?

How can I switch from program mode to manual mode?

Hi, I have an issue and I hope you will help me in that matter. I have Dynamix Treadmill Model : IRMT904 and I misplaced the user manual. my treadmill is on PROGRAM MODE and I don't know how to go b ... more

How can I mend my Roger Black Gold exercise bike?

I have replaced the resistance motor on Roger Black Gold exercise bike 4 times in last 5 months. Last time worked fine on testing, put bike back together and immediately got error code E2 again. Don't ... more

How can I mend?

My treadmill has error code e6 It’s from John lewis


'Best Putt' model not known?

My 'best putt' golf practice putter does not return the ball , despite new batteries. Can it be fixed?

Golds Gym 450 treadmill will only run at full speed?

I have a Golds Gym 450 treadmill. When I press start it will only go to full speed. The speed controls do nothing. If I need to replace the speed controller, where is it?

Carl lewis rowing machine romf 51?

calr lewis rowing machine romf 51 belt dose not retract

Replacement treadmill motor?

Hello I am after a replacement Greenmaster Dc motor for a treadmill Model GMD118-1 Open construction 1.75 hp continuous duty 230v dc power input 50/60Hz 4800 rpm Thanks Derek 07812427661


Carl lewis jogging machine not working?

I have a Carl lewis jogging/running machine.  Its kept inside at room temperature but not been used for some years. Went to go on it the other day and after about10 minutes it gradually slowed down ... more