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Ford galaxy 2010?

How to fix arm rest on ford galaxy


Ford KA coil pack?

I have a Ford KA 1.3 2002 Duratec engine. I need to know which port is number 1 on the coil pack? (Firing order 1,3,4,2) Unfortunately, I pulled the four plug leads off the coil pack before realisin ... more


2010 ford focus front crash sensor location?

Hi does anyone know where the front crash sensor is on a 2010 ford focus facelift thankyou


Ford mondeo?

hi i have a 2003 ford mondeo zetec some has try to steal it and broken the ignition is there any way to start it now the ignition is broken i have the key i can trun the ignition and get all t ... more


Ford ka?

Hi I ha e ford ka, when is hot can't start so what's a problem


Ford mondeo 2001 bonnet latch buckled will not open?

How can i open my bonnet without damaging anything?? Ford mondeo 2001

Ford Ka 2003 will not restart when engine warm?

Ford Ka 2003 will not restart when engine warm - why


Ford Focus engine stopped working?

My Ford Focus engine stopped working and now there is oil everywhere!!!!

2004 Ford Focus ZX5 2.3l?

I have a 2004 Ford Focus ZX5 2.3 L. 51,000 I have an intermittent issue with a P0171 code. Start up starts abruptly high , not rough and then drops The freeze data show. Throttle body 26 % R ... more


Ford ka washer tank?

ford ka 2006 how to replace windscreen washer tank


Ford focus wont turn on?

My ford focus wont turn on. What can i do? I have tried to jump start it but it wont turn on. Please help.

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