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Compound mitre saw blade replacement?

Mac allister 210MM Compound Mitre saw. MMIS210C-B. To replace blade the manual says loosen screw on guard mounting plate and slide the guard mounting plate upwards…. Screw loosened… there is no ... more

Mac allister mrs1400?

Blades won't rotate not motor


how to fix mac allister 1800w miter saw?

prest spindle lock when moter was running now it wont start

Spare blade?

Can anyone tell me where i can get a spare blade for a Mac Allister COD250DLSM.... looking to up the teeth on the blade i have which is 24


my mac allister mrs1400 scarifier wont start?

mac allister mrs1400, wont start have changed the fuses - any ideas guys


Where can I obtain a new 'helical gear drive' for my Mac Allister 1400 slid?

I have had a Mac Allister 1400 Slide mitre saw for a good few years. However the 'Helical gear drive has broken. How and where can I get a replacement ?


Mac Allister palm grip detail sander?

Does anybody know where i can get a new foam pad that the sand paper attachments stick to?

MAC Allister compond mitre saw only slides to half way before getting stuck?

Why does my MAC Allister compond mitre saw only slides to half way and then gets stuck. It was working ok the last time I used it.

mac allister router 12.5mm half inc 1200wat cod1200r?

i bourt this router new and now had it for 3 months and yousing it on a job on site and iv lost the nut that holds the collets in place could i get a new nut for it somewere please could you help than ... more


Hi all, I have once again fallen for the B&Q scam!?

two years ago I bought a Mac Allister power washer mk4 the best I could afford! got it out of the garage today, fitted the hose and is spewing water out from the connecting plastic fitting from hose t ... more


Motor required for mac allister 210 red eye slide mitre saw?

Hi, can anyone advise where I can get hold of a motor new or 2nd hand for my 210 red eye sliding mitre saw, rang B&Q help line they don't do spares and won't give any addresses of manufactures need ... more


new switch required for a router?

Supplier needed for router power switch 1500w Mac Allister router

Can I download an Instruction book far a Mac Allister Sliding Chop saw?

Where Can I download an Instruction book for a Mac Allister Sliding Chop saw. Just purchased one and the print is almost unreadable


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