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Fix Cars

renault megane dynamique 2004/5?
for a while now when trying to start my car i get a message "card not ...

Richard McGowan | January 2020

fuse for washer?
what number is the fuse for the washer/wiper 2011 kangoo van...

Paul Wilson

My air in my car blows only hot air?
2000 Chevy Malibu only blows hot air what's could be wrong...

Stephanie Scheide

citroen c3 2005?
regarding an answer please email me on . thank ...


Citroen C3 2005?
( Citroen c3 2005) I went to a locksmith today and they put in a new l...


2001 mercedes s600 no crank?
Hi my 2001 S600 wont crank and battery is good...


How do I replace my oil pressure sensor?
Is there somewhere here who can tell me where the oil pressure sensor ...


How can I fix my remotekey?
The key fob fell apart ,replaced battery,switches,cover and reset the ...

Michael Edwards

Does a56 plate c3 have a heat sensor?
My C3 used to tell me on digital dashboard that it was getting hot can...


Fuse for reversing light?
Which of the many fuses on the 2010 Mangold is the one for the reversi...

William Simpson

Citroen Aircross C3 2018 model?
The front passenger door lock will not open from the inside, all other...


07 astra estate?
ignition lights come on but doesn't turn engine over...


toyota aygo red air bag light flashing?
my red air bag warning light has just come on my display and keeps f...

D S Easton

flattened battery on fiat stilo?
It's turning over but won't start...


vauxall corsa 04 plate?
windscreen wipers fuse keeps blowing why...


My Peugeot 3008 says "risk of particle filter clogging"?
A warning triangle has appeared on the dashboard of my Peugeot 3008. A...


I have a vauxhall zafira 1.6 2004. Dashhboard lights?
Dashboard light not working. Presume it is a fuse but have no owners m...

kay lintern

Central locking?
Can you tell me should the light on the child lock switch always be on...

Chris jones

How to fit a rear washer mister?
I have a replacement rear washer spray mister as my one has either bee...

Jenny Lee

what is falt code 134920?
my astra engine stops and will not start did peddle check and two code...

philip b

You are subscribed to this thread zafira central locking?
Hi This morning my central locking on our zafira b 2013 1.7 diesel s...


Need help to fix problem listed below?
Opel Astra all lights and central locking failed after jump start...


renault master 2012 bonnet release broken?
Renault master 2012, my bonnet release catch is broken. there is no re...

Gary Stevenson

Troubleshooting faults with Citroen c3 rhythm diesel 2008 car?
Car bleeps then says 'stop antipollution error' displays cuts out & sa...

jean hardy

Doesn't start sometimes?
My renault Meagan has problem starting, and now it's cutting out when ...

Ann Ellis

Renault Megane rear window stuck?
My Renault Megane rear electric window has gone down by itself and now...


Renault Megane handbrake stuck on?
My handbrake on my Renault Megane scenic is locked on and the dash say...


Renault Meagan scenic?
Has trouble stating , it's not the starter motor, now & again it's cut...


Citroen C3 on a 03 plate?
I fitted an aftermarket stereo yesterday and after making sure it was ...


Car jumping when warm?
My rover 25 has started jumping as though misfiring when it gets warm ...


Citreon c3 automatic?
How can i fix my citreon c3 central locking...


Fuses on 51 plate Astra?
Im not getting any power to my Sony Bluetooth Audio system, tried chan...


noise 03 s type jaguar?
an intermittant rubbing when rubbing does occur it rubs say every 2 se...


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