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how to replace cigar lighter in merc c180 elegance auto?

how do i replace the cigar lighter in a mercedes c180 elegance automatic 2001


mercedes automatic slow drive ?

my merc c180 has just started to run very slow acceleration when running from cold. after a short period a clunk is heard on the right hand drivers side and then the speed accelerates to normal. once ... more

o/s door mirror?

how do i change a door mirror on my mercedes c180 o/s

how can i fix speedo on my merc c180?

the speedo on my mercedes c 180 1995 model it worked intermittently then stopped working at all

Mercedes Cars?

I have a Mercedes C180 Elegance 1998 Car. The car will not start with the Key Fob because I think that the battery is flat. Is it possible to jump start a Mercedes Battery? I dont want to do it in ... more

how can i fix my mercedes C180 estate 1996?

lost my keys, have spare but won`t knock off alarm/immobliser. can i switch them both off and how

mercedes c180 2004?

how do i replace the occupied seat recognition sensor emulator

Mercedes Key?

Hi! Just picked up merc C180 on a p reg. Was told that the key fob doesn't talk to the immobiliser and I must not take the spare key out of the ignition otherwise the immobiliser will kick in. So I ... more


How can I start it?

I have a Mercedes C180 1998. The vehicle will not turn over. The battery is ok and the starter motor turns when a live is put to the solenoid. With the ignition switched on and a live to the solenoid ... more

how do i bypass immobiliser on mercedes c180 elegance?

my 1995 model will not start although the engine turns over. the red flashing light in the mirror does not come on although the one in the door does (if battery fully charged - especially with a jump ... more

Computer display too bright in Mercedes C180?

The display for the onboard computer in my Mercedes C180 has turned itself to a bright white which makes it impossible to read the settings. It happened after having the car parked at the airport for ... more


Snapped spark plug in Mercedes C180?

Is it an expensive job to get a specialist to solve this? Does the head have to come off?

how do replace a cooling fan motor on a mercedes C180 saloon car?

What has to be removed to get to the motor and what is the sequence to remove and replace

Snapped spark plug in Mercedes C180?

A spark plug has snapped in the engine. It will not budge and is now at the garage. Is this easily fixed and will it cause damage to the rest of the engine?


how can i fix my 1996 C180 mercedes estate?

having problems with the immobilzer, just changed key fob over central locking is working but unable to free the immoblizer. re set key but to no avail please help model C180 estate 1996


How do I get passenger windscreen wiper working?

Came back to my car yesterday with 6" of snow on it scraped it and the drivers side wiper works but not the passenger? Mercedes C180 2005. Any help or advice welcomed. Thanks


c180 alarm?

locking my mercedes c180 with the key fob fine. but afew minutes later lights start flashing reset but same thing happens . this does not happen all the time

knock reset button merc c180?

my car recently had another car reverse into the front of it and now wont start. i need to know where to find the "knock reset button", the car is a 1994 c 180 mercedes auto. help please!!!!

I have just changed the battery on my mercedes C180 1995 and the coolant li?

I have just changed the battery on my 1995 mercedes C180 and now the coolant light on the dash is staying on .Help