Vehicle was left stationary for a long time?

My vehicle was left stationary for a long time with the alarm activated, causing the battery to die. When I changed the battery the alarm started ringing without being able to turn it off so I Pressed ... more


Opel Astra indicator lights flashing when lockef?

Opel Astra 2014 - indicator lights flashing intermittently when the car is locked. Locks stay shut so not sure is it central locking or alarm problem. Any ideas what I should do please? I did chang ... more


Fiat punto 2006?

Fiat punto 2006 my immobiliser light is staying on so we can not start it we have replaced the car battery and the key battery.


How do I stop my car alarm?

Renault scenic 2017 car alarm How do I stop my alarm from going off ? I can open the car, get in the car, but when I start the engine the alarm goes off, and the hazards flash and I can't stop it ... more


Rover 25, 1.4, 52 plate?

I have a rover 25 1.4 52 plate . I have had to have a new battery for my car as i havent been able to drive it for 5 months. I am having problems with the immobiliser and how to disarm it so i can sta ... more

Burglar alarm?

re CP8L LCD When the mains is switched off off the outside alarm sounds - how can I override this - so I can do electrical jobs.


G-TAG Remote Panel fault verifications?

how do you find cause of alarm activations via g-tag remote panel pr5457 rev1.0


Clear tamper alarm?

changed battery on sterling 10 house alarm by turning of power changed battery.put power on again but tamper alarm comes do i reset the system?

Bypass on pcm for pats bypass or disable 04 focus?

04 focus zx4 how to bypass pats or what and where to solder inside pcm or whatever control unit so I can start my car I lost keys

1998 bmw z3 2.8?

bmw z3 how to reset alarm after battery been flat for 6 months

How can I return my C&k security has alarm to default?

C&ksecuritech alarm

Wiring diagram for cobra 7925?

Anyone please car alarm

Request for user manual?

Does anyone have access to the user manual for a wired Security Master alarm. Possible the TP-800.

how to disable immobiliser?

how can i disable thatcham immobiliser on my 1996 xj6


Ducati van key will not work


immobiliser fault?

fix immobiliser bypass on 2004 Mondeo diesel


2006 F150 cobra alarm?

I have an 2006 Ford F150 truck Cobra alarm lately the alarm system keep sounding off for several hours when parked it's driving me crazy.... what could be the problem.... please help!!!!