Fiat punto 2006?

Fiat punto 2006 my immobiliser light is staying on so we can not start it we have replaced the car battery and the key battery.


How do I stop my car alarm?

Renault scenic 2017 car alarm How do I stop my alarm from going off ? I can open the car, get in the car, but when I start the engine the alarm goes off, and the hazards flash and I can't stop it ... more


Rover 25, 1.4, 52 plate?

I have a rover 25 1.4 52 plate . I have had to have a new battery for my car as i havent been able to drive it for 5 months. I am having problems with the immobiliser and how to disarm it so i can sta ... more

Burglar alarm?

re CP8L LCD When the mains is switched off off the outside alarm sounds - how can I override this - so I can do electrical jobs.


G-TAG Remote Panel fault verifications?

how do you find cause of alarm activations via g-tag remote panel pr5457 rev1.0