Missing key Logic 4?

Hello my mother passed away and i am unable to find the Logic 4 alarm key. I dont know the key number so i am unable to order a new one. Is there a standard key number forbthis alarm? Can anyone h ... more


Yale alarm app requires password/login?

I have a Yale IA-320 alarm system and use the Yale app on my Android phone. The app periodically requires you to login which is a real pain. Particularly since the password manager does't normally s ... more


A1 omnicron 7000 home alarm?

my a1 omnicron 7000 has no lights on. i have mains power, and 18 .96 volts from transformer

Scantronic 9651 alarm?

my Scantronic 9651 alarm was set off when my son in came in the back door, and now will not reset even after entering the code, it now displays aux dc fail. I read somewhere about replacing a fuse, ... more


Factory reset?

How do i factory re set my paragon plus alarm please


Logic4 alarm panel?

Can i change the exit/entry time on a Logic 4 key operated alarm panel. Thanks David Marks

Optima xl4 alarm?

Key pads have no power to them after power cut

Tamper won't go off?

My Scantronic 9448 had 12v at the pcb but the pcb and lights did not light up, so I replaced it with my spare, a completely new panel. All good, can program etc, except the tamper light comes on so c ... more