Curtains ruflette tape?

I've some curtains where the cord in the header tape has worn, im trying to find where to buy a spool to re thread them . Header tape is 3 inch ruflette

Swish Ultraglyde?

pull cord curtains don't open properly



The double vert. blinds I have will only open one side when I pull the draw string. What needs replacing in the blinds?

Replace curtain pull rope?

Drawstring curtain rope?

how to fix my corded curtains?

how can I adjust the cord on my curtain as they wiil not meet in the middle

mend a hole in a feather duvet?

I have a feather duvet (comforter) and I want to know how I can mend it, as I think using a needle and cotton will allow more feathers to leak from the hole made by the needle.


curtain track ?

I purchased these two items from you and I think I have made a big mistake ordering them in the corded versions. My problem appears to be when I attach the curtains to the overlap and underlap arms th ... more


With a corner window I am using two curtain tracks?

One of my corner windows is 110 cm wide and the other corner window is 170 cm wide and they but up to each other in the middle. with a full glass window view. I want to fit draw cord curtains that wi ... more


Curtains not closing together?

Our long drape, lined curtains will not come together at the top and we have been unable to find a way of achieving this. We think that rather than using the cord someone has pulled them together viol ... more


cord hanging lose?

hi a lot of cord is hanging lose from left curtain. right side will close when useing pully but not left. can u help. thank you eleanor

my cord drawn curtains wont close correctly?

My cord draw curtains just hung seem to be very difficult to close or open as if dragging and getting stuck. They will not pull all the way closed yet I can pull them closed the final way by hand. Why ... more

How do I rethread a Swish Delux Cording Set?

I have lost the instructions how top thread my cording set & it has come completely unravelled. Can anyone help?

How can I bend aluminium curtain track?

I have a bay window where the side windows are at 90 degrees from the main front window. I have bought an aluminium curtain track which apparently can be bent to fit the bay. Has anyone got any tip ... more


HELP! gliders have broken and I need replacement?

Recently moved to a new house with it's own curtain track system. Unfortunately, most of the gliders have broken off and I don't know which make the track system is. It's one of those ones that fit di ... more

How do I get rid of pulls in my sheer draperies?

Our cat tried to climb my sheer draperies and left a bunch of pulls in the fabric. How can I get rid of them.

help no instructions?

I have fitted a metal white curtain track with cord attachments and runners BUT finding it very difficult to correctly hang the curtains problem overlaper runner hope you can help pulling my hair out ... more


replace cord in curtain rail?

how to replace the cord in my draw curtain rail