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one cerminic ring staying on?

belling range db90 cerminic top one staying on when switch on wall turned on


belling db90?

i cant open the main oven door beyond 45%

Belling db90 no power to main oven?

I have no power to main oven, lock is not on, fan element has been replaced along with grill element and main oven controller. Can anyone advise what else I should be checking, ( Christmas is round ... more


Belling db90?

Hi The main oven on my Belling DB90 appears to cut out when the temperature is set to anything over 200 deg. Once it has cooled down enough it then seems to start again. It has only done this 3 or 4 t ... more


Belling db90 double oven range cooker free standing?

Hi I have problems aligning the glass door on the large oven. Every now & again the whole door drops & can only be opened at a 45 degree angle. Any answers much appreciated.