Sharp mx-m450n?

Code: L4-02 sharp mx-m450n


Bosch ixo cordless screwdriver?

Bosch IXO Cordless screwdriver charge light keeps going out is this normal


My B&D charger for tubular batt 3.6 volt doesn't charge. how can i mend it? thank you


Bosch ixo 5 direction switch issue?

Hi, My ixo 5 starts screw/unscrew directly from forward/reverse swit h. As soon as i press it back or forth it will strat screw/unscrew. When i press trigger it only lights up the flash light.

black & decker battery not holding charge?

I have had a black & decker cordless drill for approx 4 years now doesnt last long before the battery needs to be recharged


Where to I get a 14.4 volt battery?

Where to I get a 14.4 volt battery


how do i put a drill clutch back together?

how do i put the clutch-torx back together on a black and decker kc123f drill


9.6 volt charger does not charge the battery?

9.6 dust buster less than a year old will not take a charge. Charger does not feel warm. Checked voltage at output and I shows 29v dc. Is this what it should be without a load?


battery charger working?

I just received two new 18V batteries as my others would not charge. When I slide the charger on to either batter, no light, red or gree, shows up. Is the charger defective??


Black & Decker 14.4v battery charger not working?

Hello my 14.4v battery charger doesn't work - I tried charging something else from it & I'm guessing I've blown something. Is it repairable or do I need a but another one (expensive).

Screwdriver stuck in chuck?

Inserted screwdriver head in power tool ans it is now stuck does anyone know how to remove it, have tried turning the head but nothing happens

charge shut down makita battery?

How to charge a makita battery that is good but shut down

how to fix 24v black & decker battery?

charger start out blinking at a steady pace and then after 3-4 mins flashes very fast. Whats the problem and can I save the battery?

is there a reset button on a black and decker cordless screwdriver?

Where would I find a reset button on my B & D cordless screwdriver.


my black and decked charger wont work?

Hi there I have a new black and decker drill charger and it work, the green light comes on for a second then goes out ive only used it 4 times , I cant take it back because I lost ths bill if is a ... more