Polti Vaporetto 2400?

Does this machine have a reset button?

Vaporetto 2000R?

vaporetto 2000R is leaking from the bottom, through the vents.

Polti vaporetto classic 65?

We have a polti vaporetto classic 65 and the trigger is stuck on the hose and we cannot control the steam. I have tried to buy a replacement trigger gun, but no luck. I would appreciate any help.

Hoover power scrub fh50135?

I'm looking for a hoover power scrub model fh50135 it won't suck up any water I checked the most commen things but still ain't work some one got any ideas


Won't heat up?

My steam buggy Steam cleaner model no. EK-8005 Is no longer getting hot so no steam

How do I contact Simbr to use my warranty for a broken?

My simbr carpet steamer is not working anymore, it started leaking and then the Cab got stuck and it will not come off so now I cannot even use it at all and I cannot figure out how to get in touch wi ... more