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Polti Vaporetto 2400?

Does this machine have a reset button?

Polti vaporetto classic 65?

We have a polti vaporetto classic 65 and the trigger is stuck on the hose and we cannot control the steam. I have tried to buy a replacement trigger gun, but no luck. I would appreciate any help.

Polti Vaporetto Silver?

My Polti Vaporetto Silver has stopped heating, the LED's do come on, so the electrics seems to be fine. I suspect it's heatings element that's faulty. Is it possible to replace the heating element?

How can I mend my Polti Vaporetto 1500?

Our Polti Vaporetto 1500 heats up but no steam comes out! Any assistance would be most welcome. Thank you, Mounir

Polti vaporetto classic 65?

vaporetto classic 65 -leaking pressure cap how can I repair it

Polti Vaporetto 2400?

My Polti Vaporetto 2400 will not heat up.....13 amp fuse ok.....any suggestions


Parts for a steam cleaner?

I have a polti vaporetto 1500. It needs a new fixing bolt that holds the pressure chamber on to the internal chassis of the machine, there are 2 of these, it is a 2 inch long rod with screw threads o ... more

Polti 2400 vaporetto?

I pull the wire of my vaporetto too much and now it is not working. How can I open and join the wires back in place Poli vaporetto 2400

Polti vaporetto 2001r power and attachment buttons?

hi i was wondering if you can help me please? i have the polti vaporetto 2001r steam cleaner and the two buttons were very stiff to press so ''stupidly'' i pulled both out (clearley not thinking) an ... more

Hot Water leaking from Pressure Cap?

Polti vaporetto. When water heats up it starts to leak from the pressure cap. Any ideas what causes this and can it be repaired?

Polti vaporetto - handle going to hot to hold it ?

I got a polti vaporetto evolution and when start using after 3-5minutes handle going to hot to hold it - think is some leak or oring fail. Anyone know how to fix it?


how can I fix my steam cleaner, polti, vaporetto ...? ?

Steam cleaner. Polti Vaporetto, model VT Forever Exclusive PTGB0044. When ON/Off switch pressed does not light up When accessories switch pressed house fuse trips. When cover removed nothing visible ... more

polti 4-core cable connections?

Hi, I've just replaced the 4-core flex between the hand-held iron and the base unit of my Polti Vaporetto 2400 steam generator iron, after the insulation on the original failed (from being bent too m ... more

My Polti Vaporetto evolution heats up but does not let any steam out?

Vaporetto Evolution. Had this for a few years hardly used. I have tried using Kalstop anti scale a few times but to no avail. Some limescale has come out.


polti vaporetto?

The light on B switch does not stay on for long. No steam being produced.

Polti Vaporetto solenoid repair?

I’m in Hertfordshire and looking for someone to fix my Polti Vaporetto Lecoaspira Turbo & Allergy. The service centre in Manchester won’t deal with this model anymore but I feel sure it is not bey ... more