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Fix demo mode?

How can I fix bell fruit monopoly fruit machine it’s in demo mode with door open alarm

Bell eclipse 2001 gold digger?

How to fix a Bell eclipse 2001 gold digger fruit machine. No lights on unit but green led light up on mother board ?

Barcrest gimme gimme gimme?

Hi I have a barcrest fruit machine gimme gimme gimme . Alarms says no 24v drive . Works with door open fine .all lights working aswell

How can I mend vtech challenger laptop?

My granddaughters vtech challenger laptop mouse will only move the curser sideways. The ball is freemoving. Can you give any advice? Thanks


How can I fix my fruit machine?

My alarm goes off and says mux missing but they are both there, how do I sort it or can I just reset it.


repairing a Hallmark lighthouse?

My 2006 Hallmark lighthouse ceased flashing. How do I take it apart and repair?? I'm sure I need the light pulsating unit

Bell Fruit Deal or no Deal errors?

I have Deal or no Deal has error pay unit 1 17. can only play in demo mode. Can i fix easy please


How can I fix error code PIC Invld error 92 on a horizon mpu5 fruit machine?

As soon as I switch my fruit machine on I get an alarm sounding and two error codes. The first is Alarm error 48 and this lasts for 28 seconds Then I get PIC Invld error 92 I have no idea how ... more


ace of clubs fruit machine?

hello any help would be appreciated I have just brought the machine for man cave but I have got alarm 25 on top screen and on bottom screen I have message reel e set up seek tab failed alarm 25-89 it ... more

i have a barcrest rocky machine alarm on all time please help?

barcrest mpu5

How can i fix VT3163 Grow & Go Ride-on circuitry?

when i insert new batteries the console does not work

rejcting coins?

hope someone can help will only accept 1 coin at a time have to play the credit then insert a new coin also it will only accept the new £1 coin say 1 in 20 times and the 50p/20p coins are accepted m ... more


How can I fix my fruit machine, barcrest rainbow riches, model Horizon?

Ok so what happened was I pressed collect and there was insufficient coins in the machine to pay it all out now an alarm sounds saying attention call manager! How do I put money in the hopper so I can ... more

v reader?

I charged my v reader with the wrong adapter now it wont come on can I fix it?

Fruit machine?

Hi I've got a mega bell fruit machine made by astra it won't power up and there is a green light that is not coming on. On the power supply. Only the bottom lights come on. Any help will be good thank ... more

how can I fix the problem of mouse selection key of vtech orange laptop?

Vtech orange color laptop made in China mouse selection key/press did not work.mouse press fail to choose the activity.how can I solve the problem?

how do I fix my DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

my ds is ribbon is snapped and my R L wont work and every time I turn on the ds it shuts off two seconds after what do i do.

How can I fix my inno tab 3?

How can I fix my inno tab 3


why has the sound stopped working on my vivid atlantic fruit machine?

It worked fine when we brought it home, but then as you do we had to investigate the workings and then for some reason tthe sound stopped working. The reel alarm stills goes off so i know the sound wo ... more