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barcrest £15 jackpot lucky strike fruit machine?

i have an old barcrest £15 jackpot lucky strike fruit machine when i switch it on no lights come on and it reads cash out error is ther any body that can help me fix it?

X Box - sound but no picture - can anyone help ?

X Box sound is perfect but no picture/video is on screen - any ideas on how to resolve this please ?

My DS flashes on but does not power up?

When power on held, the screen flashes on but does not power up. Battery is charged


nintendo wii not accepting discs?

please can anyone answer this question? my nintendo wii keeps coming up when ive put a disc in ( brand new ones that ive recently bought ) cannot read disc xx thanks much appreciated xx

how can I fix my fruit machine?

Hi we have just bought a fruit machine called take note and alarm goin off sayin cash mach error n on / off 48 wat can we do

roughcut 2x4 dart hole stuck?

i stuck a lego nut on the stick between the hole and cant get it out

how can I fix my child's vtech dora the explorer laptop?

How can I fix my child's vtech dora the explorer laptop that has been corroded by leaking aaa batteries that resulted to it been rusted and doesn't work now at all,even after using a new set of batter ... more

how can i fix my fruit machine?

we moved our working fruit machine about a foot from where it stood so we could paint behind it -when we moved it back and switched it on the main body fails to light -all that lights is a red flashin ... more

american girl media center battery compartment cover?

i need a replacement battery compartment cover for the tv on a 2007 american girl tv/ media center. may need to replace whole battery compartment, any ideas?

My ps3 stay's on for 3 seconds, but it won't stay on. How can i fix it?

ps3 won't turn on, and won't stay on

cd in console?

the game cd will not go right in the console

lost keys?

I have lost my keys for my bandit can't get in it a tall what can I do it is a sub zero

How can I fix my sons innotab 1?

My sons innotab the 1st one its touch screen has gone, when u tap the middle it's responding as if you tapped the bottom of the screen? How can I get this fixed?

Why the mouse has a phone connector at the end?

I bouught a vtech challenger evertything was ok! except the mouse has a phone line connection at the end so I could not connect the mouse with the laptop someone at the factory must be sleeping while ... more

how do i fix my dsi that wont turn on and wont charge?

i have a dsi that got wet i dried it out as best as i could but now it wont turn on i plugged my charger in to it to see if it charges and it shows an orange light but it wont turn on no matter what y ... more

how do i turn down the volume on a club crazy fruits bandit?

how do i turn down the volume on a club crazy fruits bandit

maygay super mario?

hi i have a maygay super mario fruit machine it just hums red leds lit by reels green leds sometimes lit on certain pcb/mcb's can you help while i still have some hair left cheers

How to tell if battery compartment is bad?

I have several vintage battery operated toys where battery compartment looks fine but toy still won't operate when new batteries installed. Toys appear to be in very good shape, no broken parts, ratt ... more

hi i have a monopoly 2007 year £70 payout prize?

sometimes when playing the power cuts off then comes back on saying initialising more so when you start to win on eye level screen ie when more lights are used could this be the power plug in unit at ... more

Screw has come out of ds lid and so won't close f?

Kids pulling arguing over ds and the lid has come off can't seem to fix it