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Why is it not working?

my bush tv DLED49FHDS will not turn on by tv controls i have to switch on by button on back have changed batteries and now my digi box controls wont let me change channel s whilst on the tv guide i ... more

Hard drive not working?

Can a Bush hard drive in a Bush 1000PVR, DVB535/T7655 be fixed?


T v fault?

Toshiba TV shadow line bottom of screen Picture is behind shadow

Toshiba dvr620ku?

My Toshiba DVR 620KU when playing a vhs tape stops after a minute and ejects the tape. I have cleaned the head.


House Alarm Style 9448?

I have just come back from holiday and the power supply in my house was off. My neighbour said my alarm went off for 2 hours and then stopped. We turned the mains power back on when we arrived home t ... more

Sylvania SSD800 vcr/dvd player recorder?

I have an old Sylvania SSD800 vcr/dvd player recorder, the problem I'm having is the system shuts down after 10 seconds, any suggestions?


How can I get onto AV on Matsui TVR180?

I cant get onto the scart on my matsui tvr180 I pressed the 0 button twice and nothing happens any help Cheers Stan

I have a Toshiba RDXV60KB recorder?

Hi I have a Toshiba RDXV60KB recorder. The VCR and DVD drives have failed. Can I remove the HDD and use it as an external usb drive with my new PVR?


Sagemcom DTR6400T is frozen?

Hi. I have a Sagemcom 6400T digital terrestrial receiver/ recorder. It is frozen and won't respond to the handset. The display shows 'unit' (?). Switching it off and on again just brings up the same m ... more


Sky HD + not receiving all channels?

My sky hd box has stopped receiving all channels, message ‘your sky + box isn’t getting a satellite signal’, tells me to press yellow button to fix but doesn’t. On setting signal drops to zer ... more


How can I fix my LG Blue-Ray DVD player (M#BH4120S?

My LG Blue-Ray DVD player (M#BH4120S) has stopped responding to the remote and is not responding to the new one we purchased. How do I fix this problem? I have tried new batteries and turning the DVD ... more

To Fix Thomson DTR from Disable to Enable?

Can anyone help have accidentally disabled the function to the Thomson DTR 6300 Box anyone know how to get it back to Enable. As cannot Set any programmes to record. Thanks


Panasonic dvd home theater sa-ht75?

panasonic dvd home theater sa-ht75 why f61 falls off

Free to air tv?

Lost Free to Air Channels on my 32"HD LED Smarter TV Android Kogan Model : Kaled 32QH 7000 SKA, it's not connected to Internet as I have'nt set that up. I was watching TV & it just turned off . T ... more


How can I repair my Toshiba DVR19DTKB recorder/player?

My Toshiba DVR19DTKB recorder/player does not respond to some instructions. I cannot always format a disc or record on timer record.

Get color?

Model DVP3355v/F7 -- Philips how do I get color on this dvd

How can I turn my TV back on?

I have a phillips tv 65 inch tv andthe model number is 65TF66601, I was watching tv and it went out and started blinking red, yellow and white, and the nothing and it won't come back on.

Bush A626 volume and power buttons not working?

Bush tv model A626 - unable to turn tv off using power button, volume keeps returning to 100% when turned down

Lamp bulb for Sears Du-all 8mm projector?

Where can I buy a lamp bulb for Sears Du-all 8mm projector. 584.92560

How can I adjust my tv to get sound?

Please I can't get any sound from my tv set and it is not on mute. What should I do?