How to bypass saxo lx 1.1 keypad code?

Hello unfortunatly my father has died suddenly from a heart attack. and we now have a saxo on our front lawn.
the keypad key is no were to be seen although we have about 20 numbers written down none seem to be the right one and this is getting ridiculous. I am a single mother aged 48 and know nothing about cars. I want to sell it but need a code for it to start does anyone have any ideas.?> my email is amyleanne666 AT googlemail .c om I dont want to spend any money as i have a funeral to pay for so if anyone knows how to bypass the keypad please help!!!
Amy, June 2013

sorry for your loss but nobody would know anyway as each vehicle has its own security.

You can only go to the garage that may be serviced his vehicle or to a Citroen dealership and they will need identification like the V5C (log book) and may be a utility bill. It all is down to security and protection against vehicle theft. They are not all harsh and money orientated and may do it for free or reduce charge.

bob, June 2013