How can I mend/replace my MAC Allister drill?

I have 4 sets of Mac Allister drills they all use batteries MBAT18-LI the Chargers are MC18BS-LI and the wire on them have all broken as it was just made of thin wire so not built to last. I can't find a replacement for the chargers. Will it work with a different type of charger or are they generic to MAC Allister? Also is it fixable? The attachment that the battery attaches to has screws on but the charger is a sealed unit.
Rich, October 2023

Chargers and batteries are brand specific so no mileage there.

A quick search for the charger part number throws up a few results including eBay and B&Q.

Here's one. You'll need to check but I think this is a compatible rapid charger:

More searching is simple and down to you

Shdhdb, October 2023
link Click here to see other fixes for Mac Allister.